The New Ambush For Canadians As The Canadian Government Baits Canadians Into A Final Trap

Feb 17, 2022
Here comes the digital ID passports for Canadians and that means their plan is still moving forward. They're not dropping the original motivation between their plan. The digital ID passports are designed to be connected to your bank account, all your purchases, all your social media posts and all your activities. When this happens, all laws will be removed because there's no need for laws when citizens can be punished instantly for not complying with the tyranny and their own enslavement.
When these digital ID systems are complete, the EXACT same attacks will roll out (as happened from 2020-2022) BUT THIS TIME if you dare post an opinion against the government, attend a protest, send a donation to a group who opposes the government or are a part of an official political party who challenges the government...….your bank account will be frozen altogether, fines will ripped out of your bank account immediately or your assets will be frozen. (house, car, ability to purchase any good or commodities with the government's new digital currency) And then we're all back to a situation where the government can literally terminate or injure people at will, through the pushing of poison under the skin, and this time.......if anyone resists their own "voluntary termination", they are punished instantly for doing so. You either help them complete their plans of removing billions of people because "they" have already stolen all your money through debt or they'll starve you out another way, by restricting any and all access to your own assets. This entire agenda is actually about removing you as a witness to their criminal activity. This is all about theft of your assets and rewriting the history books to explain it all away as "a disease issue."
The "new medicine" is designed for terminating massive swaths of the population and it doesn't matter what side of the fence you sit on with the "new medicine". Eventually you will want to stop taking you, your spouse or children are injured or perish outright. The new digital ID system is there so you can never say you march into a new digital ID control "camp" and bury yourself. So we're right back to where they want us to be, people thinking they're winning, when the attack has taken a turn to complete darkness.
This is called double bind mind control, a litmus test for the ultimate evil. Double bind mind control is an option between two equally fatal outcomes, in this case death or death. Take your pick. Death or death. Enjoy your freedom of choice. Evil laughs as the person appears to have choice (freedom) but each outcome is spoken for...…just like your government elections for the last 60 years. The victim of double bind mind control is programmed to believe that the only choice is between these two equally fatal outcomes.....but there's always a third remove the evil hunting the tribe. That's the only option. You can voluntarily remove yourself and your own children or you can develop courage and remove the evil hunting you in plain sight. Canadians have been purposely conditioned to be overweight, sick, addicted, financially dependent and easily distracted with the shiny new thing of the day. This was all planned decades in advance. Keep them weak, keep them dependent, keep them addicted, keep them slaves...…and now...….terminate them. They used to look at you as milking cattle. Now they look at you as beef cattle.
Canadians will take the summer to keep distracting and sedating as Olympic sport, as they're baited into a new trap. Canadians will do what they usually do with their freedoms...….which is drinking, smoking, watching their screens, screwing, partying, boating, drinking coffee, having dinner parties, complaining, wasting money and they're baited into a trap that will destroy each and everyone of them. This time though there will be no way out and it's all going down because Canadians (and many other citizens of other nations) just want to keep self gratifying and distracting from the greatest evil this world has ever known. The digital ID system is death disguised as progress and advanced societal organization. It's a culling tool. Something wicked this way comes. Hell is empty, heaven is a ghost town and the devils are here. We warned you 2 years ago about "the medicine" and we now step forward to warn you again.


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