The Meaning of Life, Love, Black Magic and Justin Trudeau

The meaning of life is very simple. It's to give and receive love. Love is a force that brings people, things or energy together. For example, on earth...there are 4 earthy elements and a magical 5th element that are brought together to make life itself. The 4 earthly elements are water, soil, air and fire but even then they need the magical 5th element to combine with, often known as the invisible magic, the ether or the life giving electricity. When these 5 elements are combined and brought together (which is the definition of making love) only then can life occur, be brought forth or be born. The meaning of life is to create life and therefore the meaning of life is to combine or bring together what's needed to sustain life. The act of bringing objects, people or energy together in order to enhance, create or sustain life...are always acts of love. The meaning of life is to give and receive love, therefore keeping life alive on this planet. When you make love to your partner, you are bringing energy together. When you hold a gathering of friends, you are bringing life energy together and therefore enhancing the love force in that group. Togetherness is life and togetherness is love.
But there's a black magic force on this planet as well, an anti love force. An anti life force. This anti love and anti life force are one in the same. This black magic force divides. It's doesn't bring people, energy or things together. This black magic force is the act of separation. When separation and division are the goal, life can't spark into existence and either can love. Division and separation are anti love and anti life forces rocketing around our planet today because of black magicians in the seats of electrical power. Life will die if people, energy and things aren't permitted to come together. If the meaning of life is giving and receiving love, the opposite of that is not being able to give and receive love because the ingredients for love/life making are divided and separated. As we can see today, our governments are indulging in the ancient art form of black magic by not only dividing people away from their friends and family, they're constantly adding division on top of division to invisibly break the magic life/love force that holds societies, families, couples, cultures and all of humanity together. Everything you see with your eyes is held together by a love force of electricity, made of opposite polarities. (male and female, negative and positive electrical charges). Without the attractive love force that holds all visible and living things together, everything would simply float away into atomic dust. Life is love, a magical force that attracts, hugs, holds and kisses each other into physical existence.
Out of all the black magic politicians on this planet, Justin Trudeau has spun the most effective anti life/anti love division and separation black magic spell upon any population that's being ruled by a black magic spell caster today. He has constantly divided and divided some more and divided even the point where our gathering spots to build love/life energy are empty. Family member is divided against family member. Neighbors are divided against neighbors. Because of this black magic barrage, which we're not taught about by media or through government schooling, the love force on this planet is actually getting vaporized and pushed away from this magical place we call earth. The black magic force that has spiritually entered our politicians and the people in power or in charge (both electrical terms) is very ancient. It represents the death, anti love, anti life, division, separation force throughout our entire Universe. When this force is pushed into cultures it always brings death, carnage, stress, destruction, war and all things anti life and anti love. Justin Trudeau openly divides his citizens against each other, guaranteeing life and love are ejected away from us in an invisible way, leaving a vacuum where only darkness can ever remain. If you're feeling dark, lonely, angry, frustrated, lacking life force or lacking love.....more than before this fabricated crisis took are feeling the effects of this black magic spell.
It's easy to spot a black magician. Our ancestors gave us a very simple phrase to help us do just that, "by their fruits you shall know them." Black magicians, who spell cast death, darkness, hatred and evil into the society they're falsely ruling....will always divide and separate people against themselves, they will divide families against families and they will divide neighbors against neighbors. When this happens, no love can flow and eventually no life occurs either...…which means death or blackness takes over. This evil forces finds life anywhere in our Universe and attempts to snuff it out in this exact same way.
Each division of our society by gender, race, income, medical status, political party, border, flag, skin color and illogical restriction of movement.....results in humans not being able to get together as a group and therefore inhibits the meaning of life...…..which is to give and receive love. Without giving or receiving love, no life force can flow and therefore the primary magical ingredient on this planet (the 5th element electricity) can't come together to breathe life into the other 4 elements in this realm. The curfew in Quebec is an act of black magic. Closing businesses where people gather and share energy is an act of black magic. Segregation is an act of black magic. Telling people they can't come to work is an act of black magic. Bullying people, threatening people and poisoning people as to separate their bodies and their souls upon obviously a DIVIDING act of black magic. When you die, all the magic ingredients fall back lifeless to the ground. This is the ultimate act of black magic divide the soil, wind, water, air and electricity that keep your heart beating as a living human. As the poison is pushed under the skin and people drop to the ground, the ultimate black magic is cast....a division of the 5 elements of life, separated as to not provide life. We're being attacked by an ancient black magic evil force, hiding inside political avatars, as to disguise its true intention from the real humans that it's hunting. The solution is obvious. Remember the meaning of life. To give and receive love. Gather in groups. Bring together people, things and energy in order to "make love" flow and to guarantee that life on this planet moves forward. Become a white magician. Make love. Make life. Gather, connect, let the magic electricity flow between yourself, your family, your friends and those special people who ignite your inner spark. That spark is love. That spark is life. Remember the meaning of life and push back on the darkness anyway you can. I believe in you. I love you.


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