Nov 18, 2021

Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism – the government and vaccine makers have already admitted legally that vaccines have and do cause Autism. Why are we debating this when it’s already admitted legally………vaccines do cause Autism. The reason that the media is lying to the public about this is so people keep vaccinating.

2. Vaccines Make You Immune – the medical doctor at this added video link below reviews that the majority of disease outbreaks have been in vaccinated populations, that antibody production from vaccination doesn’t mean you’re protected from the targeted disease and that vaccines are proven to permanently cripple and kill children every year.

3. Vaccines Have Saved Us From Disease – the doctor at this added link takes great care to explain that the opposite is true, that disease only sky rockets in vaccinated populations (after vaccine drives), now and throughout history.

4. Viruses Are Dangerous and Vaccines Are Our Only Weapon Against This Invisible Attack – the doctor at this added link explains that viruses can be cleared from the body without harm with good nutrition and that healthy people are safe from viral infection. Odd that our current system teaches everyone that health can be injected into people, with documented poisons no less….and nutrition/health is never mentioned as a way to avoid disease.

5. Polio…Vaccines Saved us From Polio – unfortunately polio wasn’t caused by a virus. Something else caused the paralysis known as polio and vaccines actually increased said paralysis, which in turn was blamed on a polio virus that never existed. Sound confusing? Of course it does but it won’t be after you read the attached article.

6. My Doctor Is An Expert On Vaccines – medical doctors learn absolutely nothing about vaccines in medical school, other than the catch phrases that make patients believe that the doctors are educated in this area. Doctors only learn the vaccine schedule, regarding when to vaccinate their patients. Nothing more is taught to medical doctors in medical school regarding vaccination. Doctors come forward themselves to admit and discuss this openly.

7. We Must Listen to Our Doctors Regarding Vaccination – at this added link over 100 medical doctors step forward to explain why vaccines are dangerous, ineffective, why they DON’T improve resistance to disease and why they’re not worthy of any claims the media, government, medicine and science table regarding their application.

If you are still confused about the vaccine issue as a parent and really want to prove to yourself that vaccines are safe and effective, simply take the “Inject Yourself Challenge” as described below.

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