The Left, Adults Made Unemployable, Poisoned Dependent Citizens and Morality

Jan 26, 2022
All these ideas are connected of course and that's why I tried to jam all four concepts into one tag line. This breakdown isn't too complex, although it's rarely (if ever) discussed anywhere, even in truth circles.
Really sick people can't care themselves because they're too weak. disabled and dependent to do so. When you're too weak and disabled to take care of yourself...…'re completely dependent on others to take care of you. Having third parties take care of you because you can't care for yourself is generally a left wing political philosophy and that has its place in a compassionate society. But how about if a society is targeted for systematic poisoning and "dumbing down" over decades and decades so it can never take care of itself, therefore guaranteeing a swing toward left leaning policies, simply because the government education system is designed to make people unemployable.....other than taking jobs in left wing middle management government positions? How about if the medical/food/commodity production systems purposely utilize poison as their primary ingredients, in order to increase disease based dependency on the very forces facilitating the poisoning? How about if the school system purposely dumbs down kids and young adults, in order to increase a form of general dependency... on the very forces facilitating the dumbing down curriculum? Is this how left wing societies are installed under our very noses? Poison the people and teach them nothing about independent survival in the real world.
Of course you're going to vote for left wing policies if you're graduating from a school system where independent employment and entrepreneurship has been conditioned out of you. Of course you're going to run to big Daddy government who coordinated the dumbing down campaign to begin with. Of course the government will become the new father figure in your life, simply because some adult authority will have to take the lead. Of course you will insist someone else drive the car of your life from cradle to grave because you're perpetually sick (from systematic institutional poisoning) and because you're adverse to independence due to the "dumbing down" government school system. This means you never take your proper rite of passage from child to adult and you stay as the forever child, which means big brother government is always leaned on for all forms of survival.
What's even more disturbing is this trend in regards to honesty and morality, while considering the same factors. If we circle all the way back to people being poisoned, people being made dependent and people being purposely made unemployable in real life economic systems outside the government fantasy based control grid....we end up with another major form of societal decay, which an increase in immorality, dishonesty and manipulation. When you don't have a talent to survive independently of others, you become parasitic to the others who are independent. This trend is growing enormously in our society without much fanfare.
Without a skill or talent to make it in the real world as a independent honest person, who can make things happen in their own life due to skill and hard work..... the parasite in people has to come out. People who have no real viable skills (who can't make it on their own because they were processed through a government school system that generally makes them adverse to living their own independent lives outside the poison and dumbed down control grid) use the only survival skills left in the human psychic repertoire...….which is lying, immorality and manipulation.
Have you noticed the complete explosion on Facebook of women in various state of undress and general soft porn camera exposures? This is what happens to any society that doesn't prepare their children with the proper skills to make it in the real world......things boil down to the lowest common denominator which is lying, sex and mental manipulations in order to survive. Morality and honesty are collapsing by design because our social engineers know that by poisoning people and dumbing them down, you make them completely parasitical on the small group of independent folks. At that point the parasite class starts to do what ever is necessary to survive.....and that includes lying, stealing, cheating and manipulating their way into a better life...…because they could never earn it or they believe they could never earn it on their own. The system is more famous for convincing people they could never earn an independent living, when of course everyone is more than capable to fill out a business plan, just as much as they are capable of filling out a resume. But at the government school all they teach you is how to fill out a resume. Keep them dependent, dumbed down and order to keep them easier to rule.
The government appears to take two agendas extremely seriously. Making people completely unable to care for themselves, which is the stated goal of the government school system, easily discovered in John Taylor Gatto's famous book "Weapons of Mass Instruction." The second agenda is to completely paralyze a society's health with a never ending tsunami of toxins, which makes the average person too sick to care for themselves independently. At that point they start leaning to the far left, due to a buffet of crippling poisons and health destroying toxins...…all endorsed and funded by various government agencies, who always accomplish the exact opposite of their stated mandates and get raises to boot.
I've worked for myself since the age of 24. I'm independent and don't want the left wing utopia promised to me through the mind control TV, where everything that makes me less and more sick is always provided free by the government. I want old fashioned freedom, not free-dumb....where everything that makes you dumb is provided to you free by the state. I don't want that. I'm not only shocked that more people can't see this 1-2 punch into complete societal dysfunction, I'm unaware of anyone discussing that dependent citizens always turn hedonistic. immoral, manipulative and the only way to survive because very few are skilled enough to offer value to the tribe. IG and FB are turning into soft porn sites in my opinion because of this dependency system, where people don't have enough skill, energy or health to become anything other than manipulators of other people, who happened to break out of their hypnosis and became independent of the "toxic/dumbing down" control grid. This is a big problem no one is talking about. It's just another problem orchestrated by an evil force within government and it's just another problem to increase the power of government over sick and dis-empowered people. To see the trap is to avoid the trap. Grow your independence in 2022, on every level. Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have.


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