The Lady Who Couldn't Be Loyal

Nov 25, 2022
No one wants to cheat on their romantic partners, wreck their lives (short term or long term) and cause pain or distress in their inner circle.....but many do this unfortunately. This is common today and it is common for some very firm psychological reasons. It's beyond genetic at this point, the genetic drive to pro-create and spread our seed, to make sure our genetics make it into the next generation. It's beyond that. For our answers we again move into self sabotage psychology and negative role modelling media........and media's constant use as a social engineering tool for the masses.
Our behaviors are actually manufactured for us in a part of the brain called the subconscious. Much like us having no control of our heart rate, menstrual cycle for women, hair grow or digestion....our beliefs, ideas and behaviors actually fall in this category (outside our control), as compared to us controlling them consciously. Our subconscious controls our behaviors as a way to love us to safety and it manufacturers our behaviors (93-97% of them) based on what thoughts, actions or ideas are most repetitive in our environment. The more repetitive the content in our environment, the more our subconscious deems it safe for us to adopt as our own, because the most repetitive content is generally believed to represent what the bigger herd is doing, thinking and saying. There's safety in the bigger herd so we just go along to get along, in order to be safe. But what about if the bigger herd isn't being faithful, moral, ethical, honest, healthy or nice?
The big secret is that this part of the mind is proven not to know the difference between what's on the screen, real life or imagined thought. That means when we watch a screen, our mind is looking for the repetitive content in all screen media, over our entire lifetime. I had a client who wanted a family, children, a husband and a happy life.....but she just couldn't stop running after other men during her marriage. She became on self sabotage coaching client of mine and said to me, "it was like something else was controlling me, I just couldn't stop myself." And that's when I started to review her file for the programming that would be driving her illogical and irrational behavior as a married woman. The usual culprit came up in her questionnaire........which was soap operas when she was young and also trash fire Netflix binging every night of her life. This gave her subconscious the repetitive content needed to live out a very chaotic "cheating" lifestyle (during marriage) as the subconscious was simply doing what it always does.......which is getting us to mimic, copy, emulate, mirror and follow the most repetitive content of our environment in an attempt to help us be fitting in. She was fitting in with her screen tribe, as our behavior system is proven to do.
What the public doesn't know is that all this is done on purpose, for social engineering motivations, because a dis-empowered and messy population (who are being controlled by negative content on their screens) are easier to lie to, steal from, manipulate, control, govern and dominate. I quickly engaged this client in a media detox program and up regulated subconscious programming content that fortified her marriage with moral and ethical behavioral inputs. Her subconscious reacted as designed, in the opposite direction, which of course was the goal.


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