The Infantilization of Society - A Society of Broken Wine Mom's And Unmotivated Beta Males

Oct 02, 2022
Many people can look out the window today and easily understand that most adults in our society talk, think and act like children. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to come to this conclusion. Most adults today conduct their lives like a 12 year old who happened to find $500 behind the couch plus the keys to a car near by. Driving from one place to the next, using the body as a  chemical fun factory that they flog to get the most chuckles and fake feel good emotions out of. The forever children of our society are destroying our culture but that was always the plan to begin with.
Real adults think 5, 10 and 15 years down the road. Children are proven to think 5, 10 and 15 hours down the road....if that. Today this is the state of the average adult who places their entire life on an hour by hour form of self gratification cruise control, outsourcing the responsibility for their own lives to a hodgepodge of criminals in government and practicing death cult satanists in medicine and science. What happens when adults don't think long term? Well just look out the window. They become fat, sick and broke because they think "someone else will take care of the problem" they constantly spend money they don't have and as they fill themselves up with one fake feel good poison or another.
The facts are simple. You can't farm lions. You can only farm lambs. You can't manipulate, steal from, lie to, govern and control strong, healthy and independent adults. You can certainly manipulate, rule and control overweight, morally corrupted and sick/feminized beta men who go to comic book conventions . You can certainly manipulate and control mentally depressed wine Mom types who can't figure out why they're extremely depressed and directionless after becoming men and throwing their genetic programming to care for children and family into the historical garburator. Regardless of gender, if you can keep the adults of any society talking, thinking and acting as self gratifying children who want nothing to do with long term goals or personal responsibility, you can fortify your position as tyrannical ruler very easily. Would you rather rule real adults or fake adults who talk, think and act like children? The answer is obvious.
So if you're wondering why there's Happy Meals for adults being advertised, it's because #1) McDonald's is an extension of a very dark evil group taking control of this planet that works together with other fake companies to achieve the goals of this one dark evil group (yes...the corporations you invest your RSP's in and trust have been setting an ambush for you and your families for many decades) and #2) this ancient evil group wants you living as forever children so you're easier to control, manipulate, govern and steal from. If you pushed the poison under your skin, you did so because of group pressure only (short term thinking), which is a child based trait. There is no "science" to back that decision.
P.S. NPR stands for National Public Radio, an organization that's funded by your tax dollars. (taxation is theft by the way for the people who like the fake feel good illusion in the back row). NPR voted WAP (WET ASS PUSSY) by Cardi B the #1 song of 2020. If you think that sounds perfectly fine or if you like the idea of adults living as forever children, please pick up your FREE Satanic Membership Card down at Evil Depot and be done with it. Heaven is a ghost town, hell is empty and the devils are here. Grow up and push back on this infantalization system of control.


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