Constant Drama, Crisis and Conflict - The FireStarter Saboteur

Sep 26, 2022
Self sabotage is all about a form of cruise control that gets us constantly to the same destination in life. Although we don't like that destination, we always seem to end up right back where we started. People who struggle financially, seem to always find financial struggle. People who don't want to gain weight, often get bigger and bigger every year. People who's lives get occupied by perpetual drama, can't help  but start big drama fires in their own lives.......and there's a firm reason for all of it.
We have a part of our brain that likes the cruise control function. Cruise control is easy, it's predictable, it's familiar and it's an efficient use of energy in the body. This part of our brain likes things to stay the same, even if the same is something we don't want in our lives anymore. We have a part of our brain that wants today to be like yesterday. This part of the brain also wants yesterday to be like the day before. Predictable and same equals safe. Even if that same day is shitty and depressing, at least we've lived that day before and at least we know what to expect. Same is safe and that's the very odd part of human behavior. We seek what we know, even if we don't like it or even if what we know is destroying us.
The obsessive need to start drama in everything we do (otherwise known as the FireStarter Saboteur) is based on either one of two triggers. We either learned the behavior from our parents or we learned it form the TV.......or a bit of both. We don't only get what we know from our parents, we're hard wired to more easily repeat the days we find on our TV and movies screens as well. The people who make the movies and TV shows know this. Most people who watch TV and movies don't know this. The TV is documented to change people's behavior after they watch it.
The part of our brain that makes us self sabotage likes to mirror, mimic, copy and emulate the most repetitive content in our environment. This part of our brain is called our subconscious and this part of the brain is very old. It will mimic our parents or it will mimic the TV, as it's proven to think what's on the TV or movie screen is as real as watching your parents directly. Our subconscious does this "copying" trick, in an effort to blend in with the tribe and be like the tribe, because it's safer to be liked and accepted by the tribe. If the tribe is moronic, you'll copy it. If the tribe is healthy, wealthy and'll copy it. If the tribe is thin or fat, rich or poor, stressed or calm etc'll always copy it because that's how our behavior defense mechanisms are designed. Most FireStarter Programs are based on people copying what they see on the TV and movie screen. The TV is actually a documented military weapon, designed to alter human behavior. Your screens aren't there to entertain you. In modern warfare, the TV is used to destroy a population's health, morality and IQ long before the enemy shows its face on the land physically.
Self sabotage of all types is often driven by this protective behavior system and the mimicking of what's on the TV or movie screen. Most FireStarters are just acting out what they see on the TV, while believing their behavior is organic to them. If you haven't noticed, there's no calm successful families having beautiful days anywhere on the TV. That content is ZERO. Well, there may be families like this on your screens but not for too long. If a family is enjoying their day on your screen, it isn't too long before a werewolf jumps out of the cornfield to bite someone's head off or a child is abducted or one of the parents is having wild sex with a stranger in a gas station bathroom etc etc. Basically that's all that's on the TV or movie screen, end of story. Your screens are only drama, fire, chaos, conflict, panic, fear and terror. Modern warfare is about using the screens to destroy a population before the enemy shows up physically for the final mop up operation. We're almost in the end stage of this plan at the moment but we have time to turn it all around. Our TV's and movie theaters were never there to make our lives better unfortunately. The more you watch either, the worse your life will be.
TV is a straight line drama drug, right into your nervous system and that's not a good thing because every human born to this earth is equipped with a genetic safety behavior system that mimics the most repetitive content in their environment. If any human exposes themselves to the TV or movie screen (and looks into the eye of the great beast that hangs on their wall), they won't even be able to enjoy success, peace, love, progress or evolution in their lives because it won't even be held as an option in their nervous system to act out. We can only behave in the exact way that our cruise control behavior pathways are programmed. This is why some people simply show up in their own lives and explode with... "she's a bitch", "I can't believe Jim said that", "what's going on with Frank and Mary, they don't seem happy anymore....I heard Mary is hooking up with Mike", "look how fat she is", "I'm quitting, my boss is such a dick", "I'm going to the disease fund raiser, someone's in grave trouble and I need to help.....they're serving hot dogs, pop and chips at the disease fund raiser so it should be a great time", "I can't believe our political leader in power is doing this to us, I'm going to stand in line and vote for another person to wreck my life" etc etc. The FireStarter Saboteur (like all saboteurs) doesn't understand that their behavior isn't their own. In most cases, the FireStarter Saboteur is just living out their TV/movie programming in their real lives, while believing their decisions are organic to them.
Acting out the drama on the TV or movie screen isn't the only way to start perpetual trash fires in your own life........not by a long shot. The FireStarter only feels comfortable in complete and utter chaos so they're often unhealthy, perpetually ill, they drink coffee or ingest other forms of caffeine, (caffeine is actually liquid fear), they often date Mr. or Mrs Wrong or they drink alcohol on a regular basis (often red wine because that's the most commonly consumed alcohol poison on the screen) etc etc. Give the FireStarter a day off for themselves (where they could find peace, success and evolution) and all you'll see is self destruction selfies being posted all day. What ever makes their life worse, they're on it as a full time job. They just can't ever put one foot in front of the other in life. These people have the uncanny ability to step into one pile of shit, only to instantly jump out into two more piles of shit and declare "OMG, what are the chances!". The skill of the FireStarter for drama, chaos, crisis, stinkin thinkin, fear, panic and terror is akin to watching a car wreck 24 hours per day, set on repeat. But again, the behavior isn't their own. Their behavior is a natural genetic behavior safety reaction to watching the TV and movie screen. We will be what we see. What we hear, is what we'll make clear in our own lives. Your life will be what you see, think and hear most often.
Until a person learns that their behavior isn't their own (and that they're just acting out the sum of their TV/movie experiences in an attempt to bond with their tribe) they'll continue to burn their entire life down to the ground, regardless of how much pain that causes them or how much pain it also causes for the people around them. Self Sabotage Coaches of course can explain the inner workings of someone's behavior system and then teach that person how to insert a new behavior program into the cruise control system. You can't expose yourself to perpetual negative screen content and produce anything other than a negative life, set on repeat. It's just the way our nervous system is designed. We will be what we see, so it's best to work with the system, as opposed to against it. The people making your movies and TV shows aren't who you think they are. Your TV and movie screens aren't there to entertain you, they're there to ENTRAIN you and set your behavior on cruise control right into the ditch.


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