The Fake Country and Fake Flag Con Job

At this point, it's so obvious that people can't think for themselves (thanks to a system that keeps the pubic perpetually infantalized) that it's almost pointless to write such articles. But I do anyway so people can understand the con jobs they've succumb to, in order that we sit collectively in this pot of boiling water today. We're in big trouble, this isn't the first time this ruling group has aimed to eliminate large tracts of the human population, this is a cycle and it's relatively easy to set up holocaust after holocaust after holocaust because of the way the human nervous system is designed. We're easily hacked to participate in our own destruction. From the government school teacher instructing kids how become transgender to a nurse injecting themselves (and others) with poison..........we're not the brightest animals because each act mentioned dooms us all to extinction at worst or accelerated misery at best. The people killing us all have jobs and they proudly work those jobs, dooming each and everyone one of us. Again, not very intelligent.
I'm not sure what sort of drugs someone has to be on at the moment or what sort of personal weakness is required for someone to still believe that all the countries were previously run by the collective interests of the people living there. This illusion, although providing fake feel good emotions, has hopefully been laid to rest since March of 2020. But even before that, a keen mind could easily see that regardless of political party in power, their only job was to remove the wealth, hope, health and innate potential of the populace. This is the job of all politicians and all political parties. This means our vote hasn't counted in a very long time even though trillions of dollars were invested to fortify this illusion. So if all the countries are run by the same group.....why did this one group draw in the borders, deem each area a different country and weave the different flags? Why?
The actual age of this attack and con can't be processed by the average indoctrinated and toxic mind....and I understand that. Pollution is purposely pumped into the slave camp in order to retard the brain function of the average person. The indoctrinated illusion provides fake feelings of security, intelligence and control.....which is why so many openly cling to it regardless of evidence to the contrary. The fake COVID attack we're experiencing right now is part of an on going con job that the average person won't truly understand until they watch the documentary at this link.  And if anyone still thinks there's any validity to anything done during the COVID era, other than brainwashing people into injecting poison into themselves, removing their own freedoms and destroying their own economies.......there's 14 documentaries right here that you really need to watch. Sweet fancy Moses, smell the roses. You're in a holocaust and you best start processing it as such or you're going to end up a statistic.
The lock downs and restrictions we're all facing now plus the never ending wars we've experienced over our lifetimes (and forever on this planet) can't happen until you divide the people and make them believe that they're different. When humans look at each other as the enemy, it takes the focus away from humans understanding that the ruling group is the one and only true enemy on this planet. This is what the flags are for, especially at something like the Olympics. The groups organizing all the Olympics in the 20th century were all well aware that they, their partners and their family members fully control all the countries completely.... but they also know that you can't have the slaves kill each other if the fake country names and fake flags aren't embossed into the collective psyche of the slave class. There are many advantages to having slave on slave violence. So many advantages in fact that they're actually too lengthy to document right here........although I will go over one advantage below.
You'll first need an indoctrination based school system to sort humans into their proper channels and roles, laid down by the ruling group in board rooms no one hears about. Some of these heavily indoctrinated souls will be gifted with restricted knowledge but also gifted with enough knowledge to engineer weapons for the ruling group. The truth is simple. Each engineer who has designed and built any weapons in their lifetime, will have those weapons used against them and their families over the next 20 years. Again, humans aren't that intelligent, especially the ones given the high marks, degrees and deemed super smart by the group manipulating them.
No one is safe at this point because evil spares no one, not even her loyal foot soldiers. US engineers were told the weapons they design would be immensely effective against traditional enemies like China, North Korea or terrorists in the Middle East. All lies of course. Easily sold lies because of the fake country, fake leader, fake flag con job. This helped motivate said engineers to do the best job they could. The basis of the con is simple, you need to fake the countries, flags and leaders in order to hide the truth from that engineer. The truth is that what ever weapons he or she invented, they're being invented to actually destroy the very people they love and the very territory they call home. The fake countries, fake flags and fake leaders con job allows people to live inside an illusion where they're also made to believe that they control their own destiny in fake elections. (the elections are so fake right now that anyone believing they're valid can't have one living brain cell left on duty) This fake country/flag/leadership structure is extremely important to keep the human cattle calm as the slaughter house is built up around them. We are now living inside the slaughter or harvest period so be very careful what you believe. Do you believe what you see or do you see what you believe.........because there's a big difference and your life now depends on seeing what's actually happening and removing yourself from these obvious illusions.
At this point I would like to thank all the engineers who built everything from the computer systems to the police armor, which will eventually be turned on all of us. Thanks for nothing. A little more overall intelligence would be appreciated and a little more overall intelligence is the only thing that's going to get us out of this satanic death grip. It's all fake folks, all of it. Apply that truth accordingly and make sure you start believing what you see instead of seeing what you believe.


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