The Exact Date When The Anti-Christ Is Arriving

Apr 12, 2024

I'll get straight to the point, since that headline most likely has many people interested in the date. The truth regarding the anti-Christ is very simple. There can be no date for the arrival of the anti-Christ because the anti-Christ isn't a person, it's a way of life......and that way of life has been embraced by hundreds of millions of people on this planet already. Whatever the anti-Christ is, it's already here and although many people are hoping to outsource their anti-Christ behavior to some evil ruler at the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid with devil horns and a forked tail, the truth is that a good many folks today are already full-fledged card-carrying members of the anti-Christ lifestyle cult.

I'll also begin by throwing myself under the bus in this regard, as I used to play center field for team anti-Christ in my youth. I lived half my life working against the Christ principles of morality, ethics, compassion and personal sacrifice for the benefit of others etc etc. I did what was easy instead of what was right and I always put my own personal safety and pleasure above most everything else in my life. I know the anti-Christ lifestyle like the back of my hand and that's why I can see it clearly, as a growing cult phenomenon in our world today. I was an all-star player on team anti-Christ. I've been there (hedonism, self-gratification, destruction of the vessel God gave me, using and abusing myself, using and abusing others, perpetual cycles of me, me, me, all day, every day, subjective morality, hating the life God gave me and showing that hatred by trying to destroy my life with drugs, alcohol and other fashionable poisons of the day etc etc). I ended up turning my life around and saved myself from the darkness. That's what I teach today......but that's not the point.

Saying all that.....what I see today is more than disturbing, in regards to the growth of this anti-Christ cult in our world. To be honest, Satan himself is starting to become a little uncomfortable with the behavior of many folks today. It's enough to make the devil himself blush and spin away giggling with envy. Some things humans are doing today would even make the hairs on the back of Satan's neck stand up in terror. If Satan was interviewed, he may even say, "OK, everyone, you're taking it a bit too far now, slow it down, reel it back in, you're starting to scare even me, you've proved your point, let's back it up a bit..."

This video below, from the movie Nefarious, will drive that point home in only 2 minutes. The movie is about a demon occupying a man's body who's about to be executed in prison. In this scene, the demon is talking directly to a state official, who believes the demon is just a mentally insane inmate. The joke is on the state official, as it's obvious that a real demon is sitting straight across from him...

Although some pockets of anti-Christ lifestyle enthusiasts have been scattered across our great nations in all of our recorded history, this full anti-Christ lifestyle is making massive societal inroads, with more and more people walking parallel with evil.....which means we're sailing right into a deadly storm of our own making.  

Just look at the last 4 years. If you click here we have children dying after being injected with the fake COVID vaccine, which was never proven safe or effective and never proven to increase health, reduce COVID infection, reduce transmission, reduce death counts.....nothing. There wasn't even a COVID virus isolated (it never existed) and there was never any reason to react the way any governments reacted, with any of the restrictions or COVID measures.......because there was never any jump in death rates until the COVID shots came out. Death rates actually stayed the same leading up to the lockdowns and those death rates decreased during the lockdowns. What pandemic kills less people compared to months prior, when there was no pandemic? A fake one of course. So why did so many people hop to it and inject poison into themselves, inject poison into their kids, destroy their own economies, honor the evil dictates of evil misleaders and act evil themselves just because the TV told them that they had to act evil in order to rid themselves of the fake and fraudulent COVID fear frequency? It's because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people believe he no longer existed.  

If we notice the short 2-minute clip from the movie Nefarious above, the demon says, "we obscured your world view, so you can't see evil, even when it's right in front of you." I will try to be honest here, in a society where honesty is illegal and demonized all on its own. If you injected yourself with poison, and were tricked by some weird invisible evil force, to hurt or destroy the body God gave you.......would your actions not be considered as working against the Christ principles? So, who's the anti-Christ......some evil leader that may take the leadership role over an already demonic nation of anti-Christ lifestyle enthusiasts......or is the anti-Christ actually the people themselves who continually get baited, tricked and rewarded to walk the left-hand path of darkness in this world? Try to be honest with yourself when you answer that question. 

How about doctors injecting kids with poison and killing the kids, because they get a bonus for every poisoning? Are you ff&^ing joking me that this is permitted in a sane, peaceful and progressive culture? Police officers assaulting people because they don't want to carry the anti-Christ membership card? Teachers making sure kids can't reproduce by applying mind control tactics against their own students, so that their students sterilize themselves, in an attempt to find safety in the more popular group? Can we not see the evil anymore because we're so evil ourselves? A simple psychological manipulation tactic, of glorifying one group above another, which provides greater safety to the psyche of the person who's feeling unsafe...if they join with the new popular group. What child doesn't feel unsafe in school? Evil is hunting these kids and all the other anti-Christ onlookers can do is nothing but keep focusing on their own anti-Christ lifestyles. This planet is so evil right now it's hard for even a writer of my caliber to describe it. We have indeed lost our ability to recognize evil and react to it logically and with force. We're in a full anti-Christ lifestyle takeover. The solutions are as obvious as the problem itself. Now is the time for iron will honesty. if you're getting paid by evil to be a satanic goblin, stop doing that because we're all going to die soon if people don't stop working for evil, hoping that evil will eat them last. Enough, stop it. 

So, if you were waiting for one man or one woman to show up on TV with a forked tail, devil horns and to be dressed in red wearing a NWO red cape, while making a TV broadcast blood sacrifice on an NWO altar in the Middle East're going to be waiting a very long time. And that's because the anti-Christ is a lifestyle, a set of inverted anti-life, anti-family, anti-nature, anti-reproduction, anti-potential, anti-creation, anti-independence, anti-personal power, anti-health, anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-man and anti-child principles being adopted by more and more people every day on the planet. Did I tell you that it's all one big mind control trick? No one is born this evil of course....not even a little bit. People are being tricked into becoming evil, because the real criminals in power have taken control of all our mainstream media and they're using that media to trick people into adopting evil, devilish, ugly and dark lifestyles. 

In this presentation below I clearly explain the mind control tactics being used through the media and how they work make us do absolutely anything, including killing ourselves and killing our own children.

This last video provides a very good animated example of what's happening today and what forces are involved, regarding tricking us to do evil to each other....for currency rewards from the controlling evil force.

The solutions are useless if we don't understand the problem that we're trying to remedy. I will talk more about the solutions in upcoming articles. 


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