The Drop Off Society

1. We drop our kids off to the government schools or day care centers, so we don't have to raise them or educate them ourselves. It's just easier to have kids and out source everything about them to doctors, gov, media. medicine or big corporations. Have kids to take pictures with them but to raise them yourself? Hell no....just drop them off away from you, all day, everyday.
2. We drop our health off at the doctor's office because it's easier to say "you fix it, I have to go do something more sit at the coffee shop, ingest poison and scroll my cancer causing cell phone."
3. We drop our retirement savings plan off at the financial advisors because money is too complicated and who has the time? If I took care of my own affairs and self educated in the areas that directly effect me, I would have less time to drink coffee, consume alcohol and watch a screen.......but who wants that, really?
4. We drop our minds off at the TV or movie screen because who wants to think about what's really going on, when it's so much easier to laugh and get filled with fake feel good emotions gazing into a black rectangle hanging on the wall. God sent me here to sit on a couch and have flashes of light excite my nervous system to give me the false impression that I'm really living my life.
5. We drop our vote off at the ballot box because getting told what to do seems eerily familiar, sort of like what happened our entire lives as children. It's easier to stay a forever child and it means someone else is always going to in charge, which feels better than growing up. Being an adult is hard and scary and if you take responsibility for your own life outcomes, you can't blame anyone else when you produce a shitty life for yourself......but who wants that, really?
6. We drop our beliefs off at our mocking bird media channels, because it's super hard to research anything yourself, especially since most of your free time is spent entertaining with your screens. Just say whatever Joe and Jane Coffee Shop says and everyone likes me. When directionless addicted underachievers think I'm a nice person for not rocking the boat, it makes me feel better. Being a real adult is hard and scary.
7. We drop our economic status and long term prosperity off to our employer because being told what to do with our day is eerily familiar, sort of like what happened our entire lives as children.
8. We drop our health off to the exercise trainer, the new magic pill or new magic diet plan because heaven forbid you face a change in your day and learn internal discipline, by not using your mouth as a garbage compactor and by not using your body as a chemical fun factory. Being a real adult, who has goals and thinks long term, is hard and scary. Dropping my life off to everyone else makes sure I can play the victim when I continually manifest a shitty life for myself.
9. We drop our ideas, beliefs and behaviors off to the status quo or consensus trance because growing up and having our own opinions, which may be different opinions than Kevin and Karen TV Watcher, may cause conflict. It's just easier to go along to get along, even though doing so makes me miserable, sick, depressed and soulless. I would rather be miserable and fit in than be happy and have minor conflicts with the underachieving hoards who surround me. Misery loves company and I love being miserable, especially if I'm accepted into a miserable tribe.
10. We drop our food requirements off to big multi national grocery stores who obviously have our best interest at heart. This non locally controlled mega corporations would never spray poison on our food or collude to restrict what items are made available to us. Any such talk is a conspiracy. That's what Joe and Jane Coffee Shop and Karen and Kevin TV Watcher told me. I really like THE DROP OFF SOCIETY because it puts my life on cruise control..directly off a cliff and right into the abyss at light speed.
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