The Difference Between Sex and Love.......And Why It Matters

Mar 26, 2023

 Nikola Tesla said the entire Universe is vibration....and it is. What your human farmers won't tell you is that your vibration can either be lowered or raised by the concepts you live out in your daily life. Sex is a much lower vibration on the frequency scale, as compared to making love or using that love to raise a healthy family. Sex is about pleasure and when a human focuses on pleasure (as a way to navigate the world) they can have that neurological pathway heavily facilitated in the nervous system. What that means is that children taught sex are really being taught a doctrine of pleasure.

A doctrine of pleasure can cloud the future decisions of that child in a way where pleasure seeking can become the primary program running inside their psyche. It's also easier to control a human if their vibration is low. A sex/pleasure vibration is very low compared to the vibration of love or a loving family. A lower vibration weakens the human system, making it easier to control. Weak humans are more compliant to pressure backed dictates, regardless if said dictates are moral, true, fair or ethical. Stronger frequency humans are not as compliant to pressure because the love vibration is very similar to the higher vibrations of morality and ethics.

The vibrations of love, morality and ethics are very similar because you need love of self and the love of others to fully understand morality, ethics and the exercise of knowing right from wrong. Humans who are absent of the love vibration, because they were taught pleasure-based sex philosophy in their childhood, will also have a harder time understanding ethics and morality because the base vibrations of a strong character are missing.

If we look out into the world today, we see morality and ethics at all time lows. From the government "health" official who took a envelope full of money to serve the public up to the highest bidder to the police officer on horseback who trampled a crippled old lady in Ottawa....what you are seeing today is the result of a system that removes love from the human system and therefore removes morality and ethics vibration by proxy. As a society we need to understand that quantum physics is simply the knowledge of vibration. When you use quantum physics to lower the vibration of a child (by conditioning that child to be sex/pleasure focused) you accomplish the removal of the love frequency from their electrical field. When you do that and disguise it as being good for the children or the tribe, you're simply conducting the ancient art of black magic. It's time everyone stepped between the children and the black magicians of our time.



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