The Covert Agenda To Shut Down Social Media Sources That Question The One World Take Over Attempt

Dec 30, 2021
The UK's Guardian Letter To Me And My Response Below.....
"Dear Jason,
I’m a writer for the Guardian newspaper, working on a piece that looks at the connection between wellness influencers and anti-vaxx or vaccine-hesistant attitudes, specifically towards the Covid-19 vaccine. I have featured a number of influencers in the article, including yourself, although you form a very small part of the piece. In the piece I reference the fact that you share misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine on your public Facebook page and private Telegram channel.
I’d like to give you an opportunity to respond to the piece and set out your views on vaccination and Covid-19. My deadline is 9AM Tuesday, GMT.
Many thanks, Sirin"
My Response Below...….
"Sirin, I know what you're doing and where your orders are pushing the bigger agenda but let me play along. Telegram is the new target of the day. Seeing right through your article already and it's not even released. Everyone watching knows that your primary sponsors can't get what they want done without full control of alternative media sources, as was reported on the UK Column directly this morning.
Send along your article so I can comment...….or are you simply extending a false olive branch, where I can't see the article before I respond and that you're simply disguising an attack on free speech as fair and unbiased reporting. Maybe start with your claim as to what is "misinformation" directly. I assume no concrete examples are ever provided in your article and no citations are included in your article. The comments maybe turned off again under your article, so the public can't have their say? Sirin, if your group was really as powerful as they believe, why all the propaganda to sway the minds of public? Why not just take the freedoms away by force? Maybe because your handlers know the people have the power?
Freelancers are never free Sirin. The public isn't buying it Sirin, less and less every day. They know. But send along your article (which I know will never come) so I can comment...…..and if you do send it along, my comments will never reach the public. But let's play together like the ending isn't already baked in the cake.
Maybe you should look into who sponsors your own newspaper but that would get you sacked, so carry on with the song and dance, by all means."


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