Nov 18, 2021

Remember Robbin Williams as Mrs. Doubt Fire? What about Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie? What about Gene Hackman in The Bird Cage at the end of movie being disguised as a woman? Big Momma’s House with Martin Lawrence? The Wayans Brothers in White Chicks? Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill? Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor? Why does Hollywood save the largest rewards and celebrations for male actors who dress as females?

The ancient pyramid of control working out of Hollywood, always pushing male actors to dress as women. Research confirmed out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (human relations = human farming), confirms that humans mimic as their primary mode of learned behavior. What’s also proven is something called “mirrored neuro firing”, in that when you see someone doing something (anything) your brain fires in the exact same way as if you were doing it yourself! This formats the brain to more easily adapt the behavior personally. If what the brain sees is a repetitive pattern, it encourages the behavior in order to blend more efficiently into the environment, in order to maximize safety and security based requirements. Watching men dress as women can make vulnerable males start to dress as women. Priming the brain to mimic is accomplished most efficiently through chemical pollution and fear. Basically the more in fear and the more chemically polluted a person is, the more they’ll copy the viewed behavior.

Our ancient human farmers are aware of all of this and much more of course. Even the word Hollywood is derived from the ancient tradition of sorcerers having their magic wands always carved from wood of the holly tree…….thus the name Hollywood. If humans mimic everything they see, and if this technology could be used to provide positive and evolutionary role modelling for humans, why are our human farmers using negative role modelling in the vast majority of media and why are they continually trying to coerce Hollywood male actors to cross dress? What are our social engineers up to? David Chappelle explains. Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure? Notice anything about the men in our society? Time to start paying attention. More information below. There is a war on the masculine warrior principle because when you want to conquer any land, getting rid of the strong alpha males is a good start for securing future victory. You’re in a war and the invisible enemy is trying to gut your country of all the strong alphas. This agenda is now in a full gallop, as very few alphas remain. The darkness approaches………

1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males –

2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha –

3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda –

4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – THE FALL OF MEN AND THE AGENDA BEHIND IT………. (

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