The Common Thread To All Our Problems

I used to practice as a health, nutrition and exercise coach. Many of my clients were addicted to one thing or another and they appeared completely obsessed with staying exactly where they were, if not completely obsessed with the daily destruction of their innate human potential. This puzzled me of course but it also didn't shock me as I also spent a couple decades destroying the better parts of myself with daily rituals that left me depressed, confused, dis-empowered and toxic. I knew sickness was a growing societal trend in adults, seniors, infants and children alike. I was determined to find a common thread that could link everything, from why I was abusing myself to why children were getting more and more sick every single year. Eventually, I found that common thread and it's our behavior programming.
Our behaviors aren't our own, which is what registers as the most shocking fact to anyone not aware of self-sabotage psychology. Our behaviors are produced in a part of our brain called the subconscious, on our behalf, and we're forced to act them out, outside of our conscious awareness. Around 90% of our decisions, ideas and beliefs are formulated for us by our subconscious, while the entire time we believe that we're navigating life ourselves independently. We believe that our behaviors are organic to our deep logical analysis of all life options...but they're not, not by a long shot. Most people don't know this and it's this very simple (yet purposely hidden) secret that can explain everything from parents treating their children in a way that guarantees sickness, all the way up to the same adults treating themselves poorly and making themselves sick, depressed and dis-empowered each and every day they're alive. Once you know how your behaviors, thoughts and beliefs are manufactured in this special part of the brain........then and only then will you have the ability to program any behavior you desire into your life and also remove any behaviors that aren't serving your greater good.
This information is the most fascinating information I've ever come across and I've compiled it into a course where I certify people as Self Sabotage Coaches. Once certified, my coaches use this information to not only reprogram their own behaviors, they can then use the same knowledge to guide, coach and educate others in the exact same way. Coaching to groups online or LIVE is also very rewarding, as is one on one coaching. My school uses a 4-pillar strength model, helping coaches build their strength health wise, financially, intellectually and spiritually as well. If you want more information on this program please email me directly at [email protected].


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