The Add On Society and How To Start Being Better Today

Oct 02, 2022
We're always told to ADD ON in our society. We add on the gym instead of taking away the wine. We add on the speech therapist, the wheel chair ramp and the special needs wing to the school....instead of taking away the toxic medicines, the fluoride, the poor diet and the mercury teeth fillings for the school children. We add on the extra shift at work instead of taking away the wasteful spending. We add on the marital  affair, instead of taking away the media programs that make immoral living seem perfectly normal and acceptable. We add on the marriage counseling instead of taking away the habits that disconnect us from self and our loved ones. We add on the anger management instead of taking away the habits and toxic intakes proven to cause anger. We add on the parent-less children charity events, instead of taking away the societal influences that are designed to destroy the conventional family unit. We add on the doctor's visit instead of taking away the junk food and other destructive habits that are causing our disease. We add on the 2nd and 3rd cup of coffee instead of taking away the long hours of late night TV watching. We add on the anti depressants instead of taking away what's making us depressed. We add on the Tylenol and Advil instead of taking away the booze.. We add on the elective surgery instead of removing the self esteem destroying messages, which make us feel unworthy for being who we were designed to be.
We add on the chemotherapy and radiation instead of taking away what causes cancer. We add on the sugar and caffeine instead of taking away the lifestyle that's stealing our energy. We add on the big fake smile instead of taking away what makes us blue on the inside. We add on the tattoos and piercings instead of addressing why our need for control can only come from attacking ourselves. We add on the unsatisfying career instead of taking away the fear of not fitting in with the depressed collective. We add on another "after school" activity for our children instead of taking away our busy body lifestyles, which teach our children to take our place in lifestyles that we're not even enjoying. We add on the guru instead of taking away our self doubt. We add on the decoration of an empty life instead of taking away our meaningless and soulless existences, which drives our lust for empty materialism. We add on the social media scrolling instead of taking away what makes us feel disconnected. We add on the mindless radio chatter and negative lyric music instead of taking away why we need to fill our minds up with perpetual distraction. We add on super hero comic books and movies instead of taking away the reasons why we don't feel like a hero in our own lives. We add on the porn instead of taking away our lifestyles of disconnection, self imposed loneliness and separation. We add on more corrupt and inverted government services instead of taking away our childhood laziness that stops us from running our own lives and taking full responsibility for all our life outcomes.
If we're not happy, we're told that it means we don't have enough of something. We're told that to finally gain happiness we need to ADD SOMETHING MORE to our lives......or do we? We add and add and add.......but is this a trap? Do we get happier by adding on or is there something more effective we can do to gain satisfaction in this lifetime? We only add on more pain and suffering in many cases, instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. The add on society is how our culture stays stuck in its own stuckness. A system designed to trap us in a perpetual state of mental infancy. A society that runs east looking for a sunset. A society that stays really busy rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic. The add on society is a blue print for working 24 hours per day, in order to produce more of what we don't want and more of what we don't need. The add on society is about growing the economy based on failure instead of success. The add on society is about staying super busy, to build a life that no one could ever enjoy living. The add on society is about living a life of complete insanity and not noticing because it's the most efficient way to adapt to our insane environment. Our society's biggest lie teaches us that living on a sunny Island with only a fresh organic garden, the bare minimums and our loved ones......wouldn't make as happy, compared to us living our busy body ADD ON lifestyles. Are you sure you're not caught in a cycle of ADDING ON, when you should be taking away?
If you want to become more efficient, more economically stream lined and happier, you'll need to assess your life for the "add on society" a dysfunctional coping mechanism for getting your emotional/spiritual needs, wants and desires met. If happiness and internal peace is the goal, the question needs to be, "what can I TAKE AWAY from my life, to make my life better????" Start there and things will start going your way in a hurry. Try TAKING AWAY instead of ADDING ON and see what happens. You won't be disappointed. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


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