The 2 Mind Programs Designed To Keep You Poor

Mar 27, 2023
We've all been there. I remember when I came across a big load of money when I was young, I proceeded to destroy myself with that financial abundance. In reality, the people who farm our energy have 2 very specific wealth programs they insert into our behavior pathways.
One wealth program, which is held by 90% of the population, is dependency-based job focus. This takes care of 90% of the population and traps them inside a behavior program where they're always going to struggle financially. For the 10% of the population who refuse to run that job dependency program in their behavior system, the people who farm us have another destructive wealth program at the ready. If you happen to break free wealth wise, there's a dormant program lying in wait, to trip you up as well.....and it's this secondary anti wealth program that got me early in my career.
That program is about destroying yourself with the financial abundance you happened to come across.....through excessive materialism and self abusive modalities like drugs, booze etc. etc. This means if you don't understand how you're farmed, you're very likely to get a job you don't like. That job you don't like won't make you happy of course and that only benefits the people who rule you from the shadows. Or you can get wealthy (like that smaller 10% group), and you'll most likely destroy that wealth as fast as it comes into you via the secondary anti wealth program that's already stored in your mental hard drive.
The people who farm us know how to program us so we always destroy ourselves in a wide variety of ways. If you want to break out of these psychological traps, hand crafted for us by our social engineers, you may want to come work with me directly. Right here is a great option to work with me directly.


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