Taxation - What Does Natural Law Say?

Sep 13, 2022
Natural law is simple. One example of natural law goes something like this. What's mine is mine and what's yours is yours. That's a very simple natural law. Taxation was and is a very clever slow and insidious mind control program to break people's connection to this particular natural law. As soon as someone allowed another person to steal one cent of the value they created through their hard work, reframing the theft as taxes, this  natural law was pierced and started to deflate energy wise. If you want to know why we're getting ridden hard core right now, no lube....this is why.
Evil of course works using a game of inches or what's called Fabianism. Fabianism is a format of war where the enemy is destroyed by a 1000 cuts, over a longer period of time, to the point where they don't know they're bleeding it.....because it's so slow. The great reset started long ago and frankly to find its beginnings we would need a time machine. Taxation is the psychological manipulation of any population to incinerate this natural law regarding each person owning the fruits of their own labor. As soon as one cent is released to a thief in this way, based on the belief that a third party has a right to what benefit you produce through your hard work, you're already on your way to complete slavery....where all your labor and benefit is claimed by another. It's automatic.
Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.......and that mile is now everything you've every worked for. It started with them taking one cent and it will end with them taking your last cent if you don't wake up. This is what The Great Reset is all about. It's about taking everything from everyone, simply because the people stealing the money have been conditioned to believe that this theft is normal and conditioning the public to also believe the exact same. The people stealing the money believe now that they deserve it and the people getting stolen from also believe they deserve the worse treatment in life. As soon as your forefathers and foremothers allowed one cent to be stolen under the guise of taxation, your eventual and complete enslavement was guaranteed. Unless people can back out of their conditioning that they need to be bossed around and extorted, in order to be safe on this planet (which is duplicitous on its very face) none of what's happening will ever change.
If we can gain the courage in ourselves and our fellow men to organize and rule ourselves WITHOUT government crime syndicate involvement....then we can shut down this slave extortion system overnight. You don't need tyrannical and evil people telling you what to do and stealing your money every day of your life. You don't. So why do you sit there and let it happen? It's because it's all you're used to and it's all you expect. Change what you're used to and change what you expect. It's that simple. The fact that some people still demand that evil people boss them around and steal their money shows that mass mental disease on this planet has also been normalized. Tyrannical government (headed by psychopaths) and any person's acquiescence to this structure of slavery could be our world's #1 form of clinical insanity. Pushing poison under a person's skin while believing the poison will make everyone healthier is easily the #2 form of clinical instantly at this time. Insane leaders will produce insane followers.


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