What I'm Doing To Take Down The Cabal

In short, I've been trying to warn the public about this evil group for about 20 years. Now that this evil group is trying to walk above ground, it's making my job much easier. As millions more people awaken everyday, it allows a large group of us (who have been doing this a long time) to step up our game as well. This modern awakening applies to professional truth tellers too, as we're all forced to raise our games to a much higher  degree.....along with everyone else. The amount of truth being spoken today is beyond comprehension, as truth rockets forward in a way that's always equal to the current evil existing in our world. Today there's an evil like we've never seen before. I would like to thank all the veteran truth tellers out there. I would also like to thank the newly awakened people who are now finding their legs and using their voices to push back on the greatest evil ever witnessed in modern history.
In the recent future I'll be making a documentary titled "Planet Mind Control - An Invisible War For The Beliefs, Thoughts and Perceptions of The Slave Class" I intend this documentary to be assassination worthy because it will completely expose everything I know about media and government mind control, brain washing, psychological manipulation and behavior modification of the public. Change the world or die trying. If we don't push back on this evil, we're all in big trouble so we need to take a "ride or die" attitude. I would like to thank the many sponsors of this documentary already. Anyone who has invested in MY ALL ACCESS PASS (giving them full access to every lecture I've ever done on reversing self sabotage...plus two new live talks coming up this year) will be credited as sponsoring the film. You are the stars of this film. Thank you.
Anyone who has purchased one of my overcoming self sabotage programs here and there can also upgrade as a sponsor. If anyone new would like to get their name on as a sponsor for this unique documentary, please hit this link https://bit.ly/3RP8ZTd and explore MY ALL ACCESS PASS. If you support my work at this level, you'll be automatically listed in the credits for this film. If you do get MY ALL ACCESS PASS please start with the talk on overcoming wealth based self sabotage. It's the best talk I've ever done and it sums up the mind control issue (about wealth and everything else) very quickly and effectively. See you at the documentary premiere early in the new year. What are you doing to take down the cabal? Use your voice. Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have. Together we can make a difference.


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