Nov 18, 2021

Talk of holocaust based genocide coming out from NY City, where ventilators are reported as being used to suffocate patients. Those patients were also being forced and coerced to sign “do not resuscitate orders”, which remove hospital liability for criminal negligence regarding insurance coverage. 

A report on this strange “let’s get them on a ventilator but only after the patient signs a do not resuscitate order” is reviewed in the video below.. Once you get to the end of this article, you will realize that patients are being purposely killed in NY City and it’s the usual holocaust targets……seniors, mental defectives, the poor and minorities.

The Mayor of NY City being the one calling out for these ventilators en masse, while his administration was also caught lying about the number of COVID deaths in the city, to weaponize fear and add confusion to the situation. A doctor placed on the news from NY city was also investigated and was found not to be a doctor at all and found not to be employed at the hospital from where she made a video from. That is also investigated and exposed in the visual video above. The doctor in question, proven to not have a current medical degree and also discovered to have a medical major is emergency simulations. (emergencies that ARE FAKE) This fake doctor also demanded “more ventilators” during a mainstream newscast and saying the hospital was “a war zone” when the hospital she was reporting from was actually empty.

The nurse at this added link is also saying the same that the hospitals are now killing patients openly and anyone who speaks against it is simply removed from that ward. This nurse also highlights that family members are purposely kept out of the hospitals (based on completely false CV infection and death rates leaving the seniors and low income minorities open to state euthanasia, with family members removed from the government funded facility.

The NY City doctor below and at this added link warned of the ventilators killing patients early on when they were being called for and now this study proving ventilators did kill a massive percentage of patients placed on them, by drowning them in their own lung fluid. If you were in the middle of a holocaust, you would notice right? Similar report out of the UK.…the ventilators being screamed for are killing patients and the nurses/doctors involved are moving ahead with medical murder. 

Nurse below with the same warning. Why are all world governments lying about CV death and infection numbers in order to destroy the economy and shut down the food supply. Investigate the complete fabrication of CV death and infection numbers at this added link. Smell anything fishy yet? And now this nurse below comes out to explain the exact same. It appears NY City was the epicenter of covid-19 because as this nurse testifies to…..the infection numbers were being faked purposely and ventilators were being used in a way proven to euthanize. (what appears to be ethnic minorities). Where’s Black Lives Matters when the government is killing minorities to falsify a fake viral psy-op? Like all holocausts, they are committed by real people, in real life….and they can’t help themselves because most people are manufactured through the government school system to be compliant order takers…….which is very different than raising children to be moral, ethical, logical and rational people who know the difference between right and wrong.

In all holocausts, obedient order followers in all levels of hierarchical system are triggered to do the killing because of the control a pay cheque puts over the average person. This below video explains that the nurses and doctors in pre world war II Germany were simply paid to kill anyone they were told to kill….including children. This is the power of the pay cheque and the inability of a person to fend for themselves independently inside any given society. There’s no doubt about it, we are the middle of a faked COVID vaccine euthanasia holocaust which is only now ramping up to when the most toxic vaccine in the world rolls out. All deaths and disease from the vaccine will falsely be blamed on COVID and that media will make sure that fake news will pile the vaccine induced deaths into the stratosphere. The vaccine will kill and cripple. Those injuries and killings will be blamed on COVID. That will drive more feared based people into the vaccine abattoir and the govenrment will use the trigger words so neighbor kills neighbor. Those trigger phrases or words will be “for your health and safety“. We must kill you with this vaccine to make you healthier and safer. The doctors are employed to be the new priest class, Black robes exchanged for white lab coats and yet again….humanity has been lulled to sleep by a very ancient death cult on this planet. The sacrifice season has begun……. protect yourself with the solutions below.

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