Russell Brand Makes A Misstep

May 25, 2024

Some people are highly suspect of Russell Brand, in the sense that some folks believe that he doesn't go far enough to expose the evil forces trying to execute a full world take over, all in plain sight. I understand that, but this recent interview reveals something extremely important. That I can personally guarantee. If Russell Brand is controlled from the shadows in anyway, I'm sure he didn't want his guest to say what he said during the interview I'm highlighting below.

Some people are also suspect of Dr. David Martin, simply because he's also accused of not going far enough. To be honest, it sort of depends on what sound bite you watch from Dr. David Martin. In some sound bites, to me, he indeed pushes the envelope very well, in regards to informing the public as to what's going on.......without scaring the sh^% out of them, to the point where the public would tune out. In some other interviews, yes maybe, Dr. Martin doesn't make things crystal clear for the average person. Saying all that, I believe that Dr Martin has awakened hundreds of millions to the ongoing government and media con job, in very particular areas. Regardless of what you believe about Russell Brand or Dr. David Martin....this interview is extremely important for one reason that really caught my attention..........THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF DRUGS ON THIS PLANET!!

My research has always been heavily focused on drugs and how ancient ruling families use drugs to initiate a very important form of brain damage in the population, which in turn helps put the public under deeper and deeper forms of mind control. My very provable theory is that there are indeed 1) ancient ruling families who use 2) mind control and 3) chemical induced brain order to run what we call planet earth, which is really a people farm. Psychoactive drugs work extremely well to facilitate key neurological changes, which initiate this brain damage described below, which in turn helps put the public under deeper and deeper forms of mind control plus stronger forms of brainwashing, behavior modification, psychological manipulation etc.

In this interview below, Dr. David Martin exposes that the initial corporation, which eventually lead to what we know as the United Nations, was actually a company in charge of opium distribution........a drug cartel. This drug cartel not only dealt drugs around the world, in order to produce profits for themselves, this group also purposely created the societal misery that facilitates massive drug use in the first place. The same drug cartel (that we now know as our governments) then use the dumbed down and drugged out citizens as the energy source (the batteries) to keep the world spinning in favor of the drug cartel. Dr. David Martin also goes so far as to say that "the pharmaceutical medical cartel" operates exactly like drug cartels of nothing has really changed. Wow, just more evidence that we live on a people farm, run primarily by mind control applications and drugs that increase the efficiency of mind control, via increases in human brain damage, weakness and lower collective IQ's. It's beyond obvious to me that this is the case. 

I've written extensively about how caffeine (coffee), marijuana and the fake COVID vaccine......were all designed to cause a very particular form of brain damage, which aids in placing the public under deeper and deeper forms of mind control. Dr. David Martin's additional information simply strengthens my research that mind control and drugs (that upregulate mind control potential) are the primary weapons used against the public by this ancient ruling group, who masquerades as our altruistic governments around the world. Dr. Russell Blaylock, in a 1 minute video at this added link, also recounts the tsunami of massive brain damage, drowning the public in lower IQ's today......which benefits the ruling group in ways that should be very obvious. In short, brain damaged/dumb people are easier to rule and put under mind control.......and this is what all the drugs and toxic chemicals are all about. We're all noticing this effect in the public today as stupidity and low IQ/primal forms of behavior are obviously at all-time highs. This is all by design and is the perfect formula for ruling the masses. 

We also have some other old and even new video testimony today, to validate some of these connections. We have Dr. Peter Gotzsche explaining 10 years ago that the pharmaceutical cartel of today operates inside the same framework as any other organized crime syndicate. We also see a brand-new video from Spanish scientists at La Quinta Columna, a very short clip coming out of the UK's Ickonic Studios... reinforcing what's already presented here. The group we're dealing with target our heads/brains directly with every form of chemical narcotic, toxin and covert/overt assault imaginable. It appears that the end goal of the ruling group is to dethrone God designed human intelligence to a level equal to the average farm animal. Given how billions of people lined up to inject poison into themselves from late 2020 onwards, we can obviously understand that this agenda is already in a full gallop. 

Drug and chemical induced brain damage is real. Mind control is real as well. Mind control is made easier when someone is brain damaged through chemical and drug infusion. The ruling group, as an ancient band of drug dealing pirates, is also very real. My strategies to defend against all three are also real. To survive what's coming you must defend yourself from drug induced brain damage, mind control and ancient ruling families (who masquerade as your altruistic governments). I teach all this within my POWER IN YOU PROGRAM for both adults and youth, ages 13-22. The programs are already half full. The adult program starts June 6th and the youth program starts June 4th. Let's get strong together. The best case scenario is that we take the planet back from this ancient drug dealing crime syndicate. Worst case scenario, you get extremely powerful in your own life and live to tell the tale. The program is rapid, highly effective and inexpensive. See you on opening day. if you have any questions, please contact me and my team at [email protected] 


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