Past Christoff Reports

Past Editions of The Christoff Reports....  

Detox Protocols for The COVID Injection

Is There Something Biblical Occurring

Vaccine Documentaries Special Edition

HPV Cervical Cancer Gardasil Vaccine Fraud

UK Royals And Ancient Egypt (Update)

Reality Check For The Vaccinated

The Real Anthony Fauci

14 COVID Documentaries

Did You Know?

Did You Know II?

How To Avoid Vaccine Induced Heart Attacks

Rant of The Year Maybe?

Build Your 4 Pillars Of Strength

6 Truth Based Podcast Options

Mind Control Edition

Mind Control In The Sitcom Friends

Word Magic At The Movies

My School Is Now Open For Registration

Common Items That Cause Brain Damage

Bad Food and Bad Behavior In Children

Turbo Cancer In The Vaccinated

Government and Corporate Pedophilia (meme has mistake in it)

How To Lead An Empowered Life 

Fake History That Leads You Astray


Must Have Healthy Christmas Gifts

Quit Your Job Or Die Taking The Shot

Last Chance To Become A Self Sabotage Coach - And Climate Fraud

Anti Depressants - Are They Safe and Do They Work?

Why Are These Scientists Sounding The Alarm - Vaxx Detox Protocols

90 Canadian Doctors Now Died Suddenly - Evil Spares No One

The Rise of Corporate Satanism - A Special Report

University Student Dies Suddenly

The Attack on Men - Weak Men Make For Easy Takeovers

Mind Control Edition

Houston We Have A Problem - A One Article Special Report

Illuminati Mind Control Movie Review - The Circle with Tom Hanks

Is Watching TV Really That Dangerous

The Easiest Way To Rule The Masses - Ancient Egyptian Rx Pharmakiea

Is Elon Musk On Our Side - The Hidden History of Elon Musk

Miscarriages Up - Sperm Counts Down - It's Time To Clean Up Our Bodies

You Won't Believe This Film - Please Share

Does This Man Have The Answers We Need?

Thanking Past Heroes 

28 Documentaries About COVID Fraud

Is This How We Finally Win Our Battle With Evil? Could It Be This Simple?

How To Avoid A COVID Vaccine Heart Attack - A Special Report

The Vegan Con - A Special Report

Lady Attacks Me On Social Media

How To Thrive in 2023 - Survival Podcast

The Top 3 Causes of Death in 2023

Should I Quit Alcohol in 2023?

This Is Where They're Going

 Is This Type of Death Good or Bad - You Tell Me 

Vaccine Buyer's Remorse Grips The World 

Can The Shot Change Your Legal Status As Human?

MK ULTRA Mind Control Program Exposed

Why Are Some People Still Complying? Monarch Programming 

People Are Taking Their Power Back 

Breaking New Documentary - Detox The Shot 

The Wheels Fall Off The COVID Scam

One Option For Leaving Your Job

You May Not Believe This

The Lies Hurting Women 

New Statin Drug Ambush 

Another Amazing Documentary - So Good

The 15 Minute City 

Fertility Issues In The Vaccinated - Fetal Demise at Record Levels

Holocaust Survivors Warn About The COVID CON 

Pfizer Whistleblower Reviews Shocking Documents




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