Psychology and Word Magic Combined

Dec 09, 2022


Humans are proven to copy, mimic and emulate what they see others doing in their environment. TV and movies were invented as documented military weapons designed to control what entered the visual and auditory centers of the viewer's mind, as to control their behaviors, thoughts and ideas.

Children mimic and copy what they see 8 times more forcefully than an adult. The people who rule us not only know that what they put on the screen will be mimicked by the viewers but they also score points with each other and develop their power hierarchies based on their skill of manipulating the masses psychologically...but hiding it all in plain sight.

This is why Sesame Street is really word magic for Se-same or See-Same. The kids will do and say the SAME as they SEE.....SEE SAME. And Street is S-treet or S-treat. S in an ancient symbol for "the serpent", which means "a man who controls the magic". Sesame Street means See-Same, meaning the TV content will make the kids behave exactly the same as the characters on the screen....and of course that's a real treat for the serpents or what we know today as the parasite class. The parasite class are the ancient serpents (men of magic) organizing your enslavement from the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid today and they've been psychologically manipulating you since you came out of the womb. Your screens were never about entertaining you. It was always about distracting you, entraining you and programming you. That's why they're called TV PROGRAMS OR TV PROGRAMMING.



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