Nov 19, 2021

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Show notes for podcast #93 below…..

These evil actors are all related – youtu.be/kbim36_6USM

David Icke’s book explains how all these evil actors are all related – www.amazon.ca/Biggest-Secret-Cha…cond/dp/0952614766

Cyber Polygon – brandnewtube.com/watch/quot-next-…4P5VHzVtUxg.html

World Economic Forum video regarding you owning nothing and being happy – brandnewtube.com/watch/klaus-schw…BvJYvbLxE5x.html

Dr. Carolyn Dean proving medical doctors and the entire medial system is/are paid assassins – www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf

Vaccines only proven to destroy a human on every level – and that’s the sole design of vaccination – you are the enemy and vaccines are covert weapons used to keep you and your children weak and inept – jchristoff.com/documentaries-tha…s-of-vaccination/

Alcohol is sold to you to destroy you – another covert weapon – User-50904611 – Podcast-74-jason-christoff-the-truth-about-government-and-alcohol

Coffee is sold to you to destroy you – another covert weapon – jchristoff.com/14-little-known-facts-about-coffee/

Belief in government is a mind control based belief system – it has no basis in rational or logical thought – www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKfT5zv9WRs

Cult of Molech – FB link – www.facebook.com/jason.christoff.…0220918979456609

People dying and being killed by the COVID vaccine left, right and center – childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/in…m_term=home

Seniors being murdered with the COVID vaccine – childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/ge…m_term=home

Mind control example #1 – bit.ly/2z2pt7D
Mind control example #2 – bit.ly/2Azu6GC
Mind control example #3 – bit.ly/3dDOftW
Mind control example #4 – bit.ly/2Xuq3V5
Mind control example #5 – bit.ly/2LV7fvd
Mind control example #6 – bit.ly/3ivPxKG

COVID virus does not exist PERIOD – dollarvigilante.tv/videos/watch/17…7d-9d6ce4b8096f

Generac Generators and the have solar options as well – www.generac.com/

Documentaries and related mind control material attached.
Out of The Shadows – bit.ly/2IRClCz
Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U
Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91
Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self – bit.ly/35kvaZR
Psy-War – bit.ly/2ZQrHRH
Rule from The Shadows – bit.ly/2ElvE9y
Fear and Social Control – bit.ly/3mzlOly
Manipulating of the Masses – bit.ly/3mxqyrU
Media and The Generations – bit.ly/2G6w0Bh
Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe
Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p
CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F
TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH
Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines Part 3 – bit.ly/3ogxSbV
Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd
Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men – bit.ly/2E1CygO
Interview with Chris Everard – bit.ly/2MuPj6O
Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Agenda 2 The Masters of Deceit – bit.ly/3bN0vtO
Agenda Grinding America Down – vimeo.com/13722147

The people who rule aren’t like you and I – www.bitchute.com/video/uag0CZYbpBnK/

Event 201 – www.bitchute.com/video/IRJpP83MqNs/

9/11 – Fully executed by this cult – www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq9nUPs2RAk

London Subway Bombing – fully rehearsed and then it happens – FB link – www.facebook.com/jason.christoff.…0206623043227138

I believe Canada’s road map to tyranny is in this Jeff Berwick video – rumble.com/ve7q79-so-you-thoug…s-were-fiction.html

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