Nov 18, 2021

Fake deaths described by Dr. Scott Jensen (state senator for Minnesota) bit.ly/2JrjBtv

Death figures are the same in US – same is for here in Canada – file:///C:/Users/Demo/AppData/Local/Temp/deaths-due-to-COVID-19-Hopkins-1.pdf

Here we have the CDC in the US admitting that SARS-COV-2 has not yet to be isolated in its full genetic sequence – page 39 – under the freedom of information act here in Canada, in the UK and Australia…….all three health agencies were forced to release the same declaration officially – SARS- COV-2 doesn’t exist – www.fda.gov/media/134922/download – poisons make people sick, viruses don’t and government needs the virus excuse because it’s the government poisoning the public at every turn – the COVID vaccine will be so loaded with poisons, Satan himself will look away when it’s delivered into the flock

Self Sabotage, Health and Weight Loss Recorded Online EVENT – bit.ly/3lt4ME9

If you don’t understand how fake and fraudulent the RT-PCR test is for COVID after this link bit.ly/33qOlSz – then just hit this one as well – nothing will prepare for what’s in the second link – jchristoff.com/covid-test-doesnt-test-for-covid/

Hit this link just so you know what the government is doing and what it has always done, has nothing to do with your health and safety –bit.ly/3fRpOLd 

Here’s the link proving sick people can’t transmit their sickness to healthy people – regardless of contact – click on the link which takes you to an article – bit.ly/3mlRAlt the article has within in the published study – click on the study and scroll down to where it says – EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

Here is the official charge made by Canada’s top Constitutional Lawyer (Rocco Galati) regarding no scientific evidence anywhere in the world that would validate social distancing. mask wearing, closing of businesses and anything else the government (and all governments) are asking any member of the public to do right now – vaccinechoicecanada.com/media/press-r…perior-court/ and here is an interview with Rocco Galati as well at this added link – bit.ly/37mAr4K

German reporter admits he was employed to lie to the public on a regular basis – payments coming from the CIA in the US – the CIA is known to be an institution run by the Royal family to this day – bit.ly/36jUAt5 and of course after he admitted that out of guilt, he does of a heart attack 3 months later – – bit.ly/2Jn0VeH

Masks will destroy your health and have been hand picked because they weaken you and fill you full of disease – –www.vernoncoleman.com/bannedmaskbook.pdf and bit.ly/2VhWtjQ

A little more about the polio fraud – same scam coming down the pipe right now – the polio vaccine never eradicated polio – the government and medical cabal just paid doctors to call polio something else – bit.ly/37yynaj

Fauci explains that the COVID vaccine isn’t to defend against COVID – just to lessen symptoms – getting ready for the ultimate set up of injecting people with poison, making them sick and then saying “hey if you didn’t get the vaccine, it would have been worse.” But this is what the TV watchers get for believing the lies – yhoo.it/36gPg9V

Here we see The Canadian Government demanding ownership in the companies that are bailed out because of a fake COVID pandemic, orchestrated by the people who own each country and control each politician……….a unique way of stealing the wealth of a nation. Robbery of the highest order in broad day light. All cheered on by Joe and Jane Coffee Shop – same goes for the FEDERAL RESERVE in the US and for every other country involved in operation GRAND THEFT FREEDOM and GRAND THEFT EVERYTHING!!! – bit.ly/36l12jz

The actor known as Barack Obama legalized the use of propaganda on the American people – bit.ly/2KLxFOV and in Canada the Canadian Federal Government insists that the RCMP needs to start using propaganda against the Canadian people- bit.ly/3lhCb4l

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