Perfectionist Parenting And The Broken Children It Produces

Dec 30, 2021
The perfectionist parent is famous in the self sabotage world for freezing their children into a permanent state of inaction, which always ends with many different forms of self sabotaging behaviors. A perfectionist parent pushes their children to be perfect in every way, where nothing achieved is ever good enough. A perfectionist parent always hints to their children that, "you could have done better" and "what will the neighbors think of you if you said this or did that etc etc".
When a child is constantly told or hinted at that nothing they do can ever make the grade (in the eye of the highly dysfunctional perfectionist parent) the child stops they can bypass being judged as a failure by the parent figure. A child treated in this way always grows up into an adult of course and they're easy to pick out. An adult (who experienced an upbringing like this) are often frozen in victim-hood, where they just can't seem to accomplish the most basic adult evolution or even the most basic forms of self maintenance. They are often diseased, addicted, overweight and frozen away from doing anything to save or help themselves.
I met a mother once and I could tell she was a perfectionist performer for the outside world and "the neighbors". For her, nothing was ever good enough, regarding anything else anyone did......including her kids. Then I met all three of her kids. All physical and mental train wrecks, unable to manage their own health and unable to manage their own lives in a well rounded way. Perfectionist parenting DESTROYS children. But there is hope.
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