Overcoming Relationship Self Sabotage

Oct 28, 2022
Most relationships today aren't doing too well. Divorce rates are between 40-50% of married couples. There are concrete reasons for this divorce rate and those reasons are generally hidden from the general public. Many married couples are also suffering, even though they're staying together. Happiness is hard to find under certain conditions, regardless if people choose to divorce or stay together. It's those conditions that I will explore in this FREE seminar for anyone in the world to view and listen to.
In March of 2023 I'll be providing this FREE online presentation, so people can understand the dark forces plotting against all of humanity. The conditions for happiness and satisfying relationships are being purposely removed from our society, so we have no other option but to count on corrupt forces in our society as the only stability in our lives. These corrupt forces intend to be the mothers, fathers, wives and husbands to us all. These corrupt forces want us dependent on them (on not on each other) because dependency is their key to power. These corrupt forces grow and maintain their power by destroying yours. A healthy and happy relationship is where power can be built in our personal lives. I want your power to stay with you, your family and with your community. Do not outsource your personal power to anyone or anything, especially to our current social engineers who don't have our best interests at heart.
If you're wanting to make sure you view your husband or wife as a strong and trusted life partner, you'll need to literally manufacture very specific conditions in your household first. After that, your relationships will become easier, more satisfying and streamlined. Regardless if you're divorced, married, single or just curious about how this world really works, I believe you'll benefit from this FREE talk. Anyone on my private email list will get the FREE invite. If you want to get on my private email list, please email me personally today at [email protected].


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