Nov 18, 2021

Although it may sound far fetched that this 4 hour event can help you overcome all forms of self sabotage, it can indeed be this easy if you have the right coach. My name is Jason Christoff and I’m not only a master self sabotage coach, I also run a school where I teach other amazing healers how to become self sabotage coaches themselves. I want you to move forward in your life. I want you to smile every day when you get up in the morning. I want you to experience the sort of hope that keeps driving you forward with passion and purpose. Let me help get you there in only 4 hours. Only the most experienced coaches can make this promise.

Being healthy, happy and wealthy today isn’t about back breaking effort……it’s about knowledge. If you have the certain key pieces of knowledge, your success becomes effortless. Without those key pieces of knowledge, no amount of blood, sweat and tears will move you too far away from where you currently are in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 40 lb weight loss goal or you simply want to triple your income. There are secrets your social engineers aren’t sharing with you about what it takes to get every cell in your body moving in the same direction. Maybe you want a better relationship with your partner? Maybe you want to stop procrastinating about starting that new business? Maybe you want to remove a nicotine, caffeine, sugar or alcohol addiction that’s holding you back. Why is it so hard to get healthy, quit unhealthy habits, to follow through on our goals and to succeed instead of fail? The answers to these questions are shocking…..and also simple. There are concrete psychological reasons why people stay stuck and inside their comfort zones……..where nothing ever changes. There are concrete reasons why people underachieve, seek mediocrity and search out the average…….when they know they hold the potential to be so much more. The question is “are you ready to address your self sabotage in only 4 hours?”

Come join me LIVE Sunday Oct 25th and Sunday Nov 1st for 2 hours each meeting. (exact times will be released to your email soon, when you enroll in this group event) Each meeting will be conducted by ZOOM and you will receive a link to join the event 24 hours before the talk begins. I will make sure you fully understand what drives self sabotage and how to completely overcome your self sabotage, in only 4 hours. If you can’t make it, the sessions will be recorded and sent to your email. Even if you do attend live, the program will also be recorded and sent to you.

To work with me personally it’s usually $1000 CAN yet this event for overcoming all forms of self sabotage is only $99 US………….but only until Oct 1st. After October 1st, the cost is $149 US and after Oct 15th the cost is $199 US. We only have so many spots available and are capping the attendance at 100 participants. This means the event will sell out in days. If you join now, you will also receive my beauty bowl infogram, the world’s easiest way to put together healthy meals. You’ll also receive over 70 healthy recipes, in full color PDF and you will also receive my healthy living guide, which provides you the most valuable information on the planet regarding how to how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to clean up your household environment. My wife Jennifer Christoff has also just added her BRAND NEW pdf full color recipe book for healthy desserts to the list of added bonus. Thanks Jennifer! Inside Jennifer’s Healthy Recipe Cookbook, she also intertwines healthy living tips for weight loss, toning and exercise. Make the people around you better by making yourself better. Make your kids better by making you better. Make your family better by making your household better. And did I mention it only costs $99 US.

But wait there’s one more bonus. I also can provide you my two amazing self sabotage seminar recordings (that have gotten rave reviews all around the world) for an additional $99 These seminars are usually $399! That’s a huge saving and well worth the investment. The videos and concepts reviewed in these seminars are jaw dropping, regarding the amount of effort the media and government go to……..to make sure you get caught up in your own self sabotaging behaviors for life.

What option works best for you? The early bird registration of $99 US for the 4 hour overcoming self sabotage event with 3 amazing bonuses (my BeautyBowl Infogram, 70 Healthy Full Color Recipes and My Healthy Living Guide)

Or would you like to pay $199 US and also get my 2 amazing seminars as well? The 2018 recorded seminar reviews the external mechanisms government and media use to trigger your self sabotage. The 2019 recorded seminar reviews the internal mechanisms (inside all of us) which helps perpetuate our self sabotage for life. I can tell you that people are BLOWN AWAY by these presentations.

Pick one of the 2 options and simply send a PayPal payment to [email protected] for either $99 US DOLLARS or $199 US DOLLARS. Give us 24 hours to send you your bonus material and/or seminar links. If you would like to pay by credit card please call my health clinic at 1.613.932.4766 and leave a message on our answering machine, Tell us where you live and what’s the best time to call you back, in order to have a live staff member talk to you live and take your credit card payment manually over the phone. On the machine at my health clinic…..please leave YOUR NAME, YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR PHONE NUMBER or EVEN EMAIL and THE BEST TIME TO CALL YOU BACK. It will be a first come, first serve event, in order to maintain the 100 level of attendance.

I look forward to seeing everyone live Sunday Oct 25th and Sunday Nov 1st for 2 hours each time. I promise to deliver you the most up to date information on the planet, to help you overcome all your self sabotaging behaviors.

If you have any questions you can email my assistant Chris at [email protected] or myself at [email protected]

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