Our Fear of Death Now Stops Us From Living

Mar 10, 2022
If you'll stop living your normal life because there's a 0.04% chance of death, why even be born or live in the first place? You can see where this is going if you understand mind control, brain washing, behavior modification and cybernetics. If your breath can destroy other people and you're so afraid of death that you think it's just better that you don't live your own life, you'll just turn on yourself and all other life forms through psychological manipulation alone..........and that's where this is going.
They're programming the uninformed masses to be afraid of living and also programming those same folks to attack anyone who wants to live a normal life, simply because humans who want to live normal lives scare the TV watching humans who want to stop living. All this occurring of course when there's a 100% chance of death in the first place. We all die. Come on! We've been tricked into not living our lives because of our natural fear of death but if you're not living your life, why even be here? Yes, it's that stupid and that clever.......all at the same time. In the end, none of what we're being told is true in the first place.....none of it. We have certain people scared of living their lives because of TV propaganda and those children in adult bodies want everyone else to be just as scared as them, in order that no one is permitted to live, which begs the question.......why are we even here if we're going to hide away from living our lives, when we all die regardless? The people who are organizing this lie-ahria based attack don't plan on anyone but them, ever living their lives EVER again....so everyone has some big decisions to make in 2021.
Here's the grave stone of the typical TV Watcher.... "I Was Born and Because I Was Afraid of Death, I Decided Never to Live My Life and I Died Anyway. God Kicked Me In The Nuts For Being This Dumb When I Got To Heaven And Asked Me Why I Didn't Use The Brain He Sent Along With Me."


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