Operation Memory Wipe - A Worldwide Mind Control Operation

May 20, 2024

I have to even admit that this is getting well beyond what I believed I would ever find, in the areas of public mind control. According to some very simple research, it appears that large portions of what's happening in our society today is based on governments purposely colluding against the public, to place all of us under mass mind control.

For example, it appears that seemingly unrelated topics like the explosion of coffee shops throughout the world, the explosion of legalized marijuana campaigns, the explosion of wireless communication towers across the planet, the explosion of "vaccines" and even the massive up ramping of chemtrails.......are not only all related to each other, they're all part of one large and documented mind control program. These factors (and many others) on the outset all appear designed to work in unison, to cause a very particular form of brain damage (in a very particular part of the brain) called the hippocampus. 

The hippocampus is where we not only store memories, we're also supposed to use those memories to gauge what's safe and not safe. If something is unsafe, we're supposed to take immediate action to bring safety back into our situation but if our hippocampus is damaged in the way described below, then we can see danger in our world.......but we can't react to that danger. That's a big problem and it benefits only one group and one group only......the group ruling us from the shadows.

This means that our very primitive (yet highly effective) genetic protection mechanisms (revolving around proper hippocampus function) are completely offline. This is the equivalent of an intergalactic space cruiser in Star Wars losing its shields, during an intense dog fight with another battleship. If you're in a fight and you forget how to react to danger (or you simply can't react to danger because your hippocampus is offline)..,,.then you're in some serious trouble. What this all means is that without a proper functioning hippocampus, evil can parade openly down main street without question or resistance, especially inside a society where people have this very particular form of brain damage. I believe we're already here at this point in time. To say that our society and even our species is in clear and present danger, could be the understatement of the century. 

These discoveries for me started off with finding research that smoking marijuana damages the hippocampus, in conjunction with knowing that the hippocampus was involved with memory retrieval and memory based defensive posturing......in regards to properly identifying and reacting to danger. Then Dr. Michael Nehls wrote 2 books on dementia and one on hippocampal brain damage from the fake COVID-19 vaccines. Both books look closely at what causes the same type of brain damage, which related specifically to the hippocampus.....as dementia patients can remember the past. Then I found out that coffee does the exact same "interfering with hippocampal neurogenesis".......and now we have the linchpin video below, where Cliff High ties it all together with historical mind control research, aluminum based chemtrails, wireless communication towers.....all combining to target the hippocampus directly, for the same reasons I've been writing about for approximately 3 years now. People aren't reacting to evil because they have brain damage. This is all being done on purpose, by ancient ruling families hiding in government. This is OPERATION MEMORY WIPE.

On top of that, I used to research aluminum quite often as a very toxic ingredient in most (if not all) vaccines, as this is what was used to replace extremely toxic mercury, even though mercury is still be found in many vaccines still to this day. Aluminum is in kidney dialysis fluid, IV liquid at the hospitals, conventional underarm deodorant, b-12 injections, allergy injections, lots of cookware, buffered aspirin, other buffered medication (oddly enough some medications for dementia and Alzheimer's contain brain damaging aluminum) baking powder, food cans, drink cans, baby formula (the most aluminum is found in premature baby formula......why........you should already know why) antacids, mainstream cosmetics, mainstream sunscreens etc.

It's also interesting to note that fluoride (while never making teeth stronger or resistant to decay) increases the absorption of aluminum in the body. Smoking anything (including marijuana, cigarettes etc) delivers a massive injection of aluminum to the hippocampus directly. This is maybe why there was an entire mind control operation organized to make sure women started smoking cigarettes in the 1920's. We also see in the video at the bottom of this article that snorting cocaine, smoking crack cocaine or injecting heroine......also massively increases aluminum in the body and into the hippocampus. Maybe this is why Canada has now legalized these drugs in Bristish Columbia and are looking to do the same in Ontario as well. Ladies and gentlemen.......you are in clear and present danger. Saying that, you may not be reacting because of the brain damage explained in this article. Let's start digging our way out with the solutions below. 

What we all see today is something that could be explained potentially by this line of thinking and the hippocampal damage already documented thus far. We see people unable to react to danger at street level. I see it every day and so do you. People's children are being literally castrated and sterilized inside the government public school system, under the veil of inclusion and equity....and yet very few parents even bat an eyelash. These COVID injections, which were never vaccines, are killing people left, right and center...........and yet people aren't reacting, as most simply go about their daily business like no danger exists whatsoever. And there are many more examples than that of course. People aren't reacting to the dangers of even the most basic communist infiltrations into their societies even though all communist infiltrations throughout history have only brought mass death, terror and suffering. 

Without the proper assessment of danger impulses and the natural hippocampal processing of said danger, most people appear completely content to be murdered in the next round of government attacks. I myself left Canada early within the first wave of the state sanctioned murder spree, I rearranged my finances, rearranged my tax burden, modified my banking arrangements, acquired several foreign VISAS and residency permits across the world (in an attempt to find safer ground), engaged in economic prediction forecasting relating to the next round of government attacks (which will come later this year according to my calculations).......in order to position myself proactively for safety and security in the future. I recognized the dangers instantly and reacted. I've never smoked marijuana period. I never drank coffee for more than 3 summers, during my lifetime. Is that what saved me? I don't know for sure. 

How is the average person reacting to the very obvious state sanctioned crime and murder spree plus the incineration of our most basic human rights? Nothing of course, they aren't reacting........just the same rituals of self-destruction, learned helplessness, addiction, sedation and distraction. And no matter how much you scream in these people's ears THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING OT KILL YOU, YOU NEED TO REACT AND PROTECT YOURSELF...........you get no reaction to the clear and present danger they're sitting in. We need to ask the question. Are we seeing the calculated and documented effect of this massive mind control operation (as described in this article), which revolves around the brain damage I tabled above? I would hazard a large wager in Las Vegas that this is exactly what we're seeing. 

The solution is simple. The government (ancient ruling families masquerading as our governments) use a two-pronged approach to farm us collectively. They use poison and mind control. The solution is learning about mind control and getting the poison out. This is actually all I teach in all my programs. If you don't know how to get healthy, you're most likely going to perish very early within this next round of attacks.......which will revolve around human rights abuses tied to the Pandemic Treaty and the Amendments to the international Health Regulations. And if you don't know how mind control works, the same fate is most likely in the cards. If you want to learn exactly how all this works and the solutions, come work with me starting June 4th, for my youth version of THE POWER IN YOU, ages 13-22. My adult POWER IN YOU PROGRAM starts June 6th. Three easy solutions that will work. Get the poison out, stop putting poison in and learn about mind control. That's all you need to do to start. 

Professor Chris Exley, who was attacked over a decade ago for speaking up on aluminum (now we know why) offers some aluminum detox protocols below. Get the poison out, stop putting it in and figure out how mind control works by either staying on my email list or coming to work with me LIVE, for advanced and accelerated learning. (Exley - mentions Volvic water, Spritzer water and Fiji......he will tell you why these waters are important) Cliff High also reviews some detox ideas in this podcast. An older article from Dr. Mercola also mentions some detox protocols. Stay on the email list for further detox protocol updates.


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