One Good Thing About Death and The End of The Road

Jan 04, 2023
What you're witnessing today is the death of all things false, fake, fraudulent and all things that don't produce benefit. For example, the Ontario College of Psychologists have now advised that Jordan Peterson attend a re-education camp because of his propensity to call out evil and above board crimes occurring in plain sight....especially within Canada.
What you're seeing with this example is death.....the death of anyone's  faith in anything official, anything medical, anything science and anything that has to do with this old dying and rotting system. And it can't happen fast enough because living in this fun house crime based control grid feels like the Hindenburg crashing into the deck of the Titanic on 9/11......every single day. It's too painful to tolerate, so its death was inevitable. No one will say trust your doctor or trust the science ever again. The old system needed to go and its retirement is getting as ugly as any in recorded history. The old useless and lazy guard still want to live in the palaces while providing no net value to the society they've been raping for hundreds of years. Death is ugly but something beautiful could be coming as well.
After the last 3 years very few people (save a choice few perpetual infants who refuse to grow up into fully functional adults) won't trust a politician, the media, a doctor, a nurse, the system, a government announcement, a teacher. a movie star, a TV star or an injectable medicine ever again........and that's a good thing. The best thing about death is that it also provides life. We now have honesty, morality and ethics exploding skyward, using the ashes and the bones of this old dying system as fertilizer. As each occupation listed above commits an ugly public act of hara-kiri....moral and ethical people are coming up the ranks to fill in the holes where only evil lived before. For every doctor who followed their orders, there are now private physicians caring for the injured. For every educator who followed their orders, there's a new school opening up to protect the children from the extremely destructive gov curriculum. For every media site laying down a steady line of lie-ahria based ground fire, there are 10 independent researchers laying down the truth. The death/life cycle is ugly......but it's happening and it needed to happen.
So death is upon us. As the cremation continues it simply adds a fertile layer of topsoil for beautiful and beneficial things to sprout skyward. We see institutional deaths equal to the personal deaths. Death now is our primary focus because the ideas that don't work also need to pass away. Death is coming in a way for everyone, where people can either let their old useless beliefs die (like doctors know best, the media tells the truth, poison will make me healthy, my vote counts, taxation isn't theft or the government is my friend, etc. etc.), or they themselves will pass in very short order..... if they're not strong enough to let go of their false beliefs and grow up. We can choose a death of our personal body or we can choose to let childish ideas pass away instead. In this way, something is moving on into the great beyond. We can pass or our childish ideas can pass. If you decide to cling to your childhood fantasies, you're not going to make it. It's one or the other and there isn't a door #3 in this game show.
Some people are choosing to pass themselves and others are allowing the old futile, illogical childish ideas to pass. Either way, 2023 is a year of death for what doesn't work. If people's brains don't work, they're getting blasted off the planet. If people's brains do work, the ideas of the past that don't produce any societal net benefit are getting blasted off the planet. The death of you, or the death of ideas that no longer serve you. You get to pick. Leave your child based fantasies behind or find yourself in a body bag. It's going to be an amazing 2023 as more people are choosing to turn their backs on evil, big brother, media, poison, big corp., science, criminals in power, psychopaths, misery, disease, depression, the broken family unit and every other BS lie-ahria based system designed to enslave us in every way imaginable. Keep up the amazing work. Choose to live. In order to live you'll need to let the old childhood fantasies pass away and allow something adult based to grow in their place. You can do it. Do what's right and watch your life get on the right path.


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