My Trip Back To Canada

Sep 08, 2023

I travelled back to Canadastan for a couple weeks starting yesterday and of course I got to witness the communist transformation firsthand. This entire trip started off leaving Mexico, where of course you can see the New World Order Slavery system being rolled out there as well, with some large video advertisements on the wall about facial order to reunite families. That is how the slavery system was advertised Thursday when I left, a full psychological targeting of what's called "the crocodile brain".

In psychology, the easiest way to hack a human is through the crocodile brain pathway. (CBP) The CBP is emotionally driven, so all you need to do is associate your product with a high level emotional reaction.......which was a child running out of the house and hugging her parents, because her parents were saved and safe because of the new facial recognition software. Lord, take me now. This is how you can sell humans absolutely anything, you just need to coat what you're selling in positive emotions and the trap is set. IKEA of course are masters of this emotional hijacking tactic. An IKEA emotional hijacking ad below. All good advertising works in this way. Most humans make decisions based on how you can make them feel about something.  The first word in FEEL is FEE, because when you make decisions based on emotions, there's a big FEE to pay.

And as I'm walking in the Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport, you see the usual attacks on the public, which have been so normalized that the average person can't see them or they refuse to understand the nefarious nature of their fabricated realities. The first thing to notice is that airports are now countries onto themselves, which was purposely facilitated with the preplanned attacks on 9/11. Situations like 9/11 aren't events, they're steps..........steps in a much broader plan laid out long ago by the groups exposed in this documentary series. Although there were many goals accomplished when our human farmers executed their preplanned 9/11 attacks, one goal was making airports tracking and surveillance centers of iron glad non questioning the state run control structure. One human need is "travel".  This ancient group intends to fully control everything a human needs to survive and to lock those needs behind a glass wall. Only people who comply will be given what they need from behind the glass wall and oddly enough to get what you need, you may have to inject yourself with a needle full of poison and murder yourself. This is how you know humans aren't running this operation, it's an evil force hiding in weak humans that's running this operation.

My financial advisor actually used to travel with his rifle on all airplanes as a carry-on item, in this lifetime, but of course this has changed because of slow drip brainwashing where most people today feel much safer because the government now has most of the firearms. Thank God for that right? Yes, the same government who has committed state sanctioned murder with the fake COVID vaccines. Yes, that government. People feel safer when the force murdering them has all the firearms and the people have very little or limited access to firearms. It only makes sense if you don't think about it.  It's very hard watching humans destroy themselves like this but as Billy Joel sang....."We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning...."

Walking through the Mexican airport, there's nothing but poison as far as the eye can see. We have the human's favorite psycho-active mind control drug, caffeine........available at every corner. We have the duty-free alcohol poison, some tobacco poison and takeout Frankenfood that would choke a maggot. Airports are really psychoactive mind control centers, as poison increases the mind control driven into the neurological system by the adverts and movies shown on the plane. What's offered to eat in airports is what I call "slave food". There are also "monetary black holes for the slaves" every useless commodity under the sun is available within arm's reach. You must always poison the slaves and also separate the slaves from their money, in order to keep the human cattle on the societal treadmill of soulless living.

I walk by all of this mind control lie-ahria having made my first million dollars a long time ago. I also have my bag packed with organic food for the trip. That's how I generated my wealth. If it makes my life better, I buy it. If it makes me LESS on any level, I walk away. I don't know exactly where life will bring me or what I really want to do with the rest of my life on the planet......but I know one thing for sure...........I know I don't want to be a slave. I don't want to be sedated and distracted battery that charges the evil systems in this world. I would rather ride down a 40-foot razor blade into a pool of iodine than be led around by my emotions, getting tricked into various psychological ambushes that our misleaders plan for us daily. From "going to school so you can get a good job" to "take your COVID jab so you can be one with the death cult" and everything in-between....... the fabricated illusion of energy extraction (until death) isn't for me. 

As I rode the plane, the movies were there as usual to upgrade or install the new mind control programs of the day. Ass kicking female who beats up males with ease is one such mind control upgrade. The world is ending soon, is simply another. Poisonous food like things for the people in economy class, less poisonous things for the business class passengers. The plane is just an extension of the overall death cult philosophy that underpins our entire society.  Food that kills, alcohol that kills and you get to watch actors kill each other on the screen, as you kill yourself with poisons and toxins. This is considered "living the good life" by the humans here, who were not born like this. They've been mind controlled to believe up is down, black is white, debt is prosperity, sickness is health, beauty is butchering, illusion is reality and slavery is freedom. Cancer causing wifi rips through the cabin to the delight of the death cult members. I of course block most of that wifi with this device. 

Then I arrive in Canada, a geographical area targeted for a full communist makeover by some very ancient groups on this planet. When you're going to take over a nation, you do have to do it slowly, taking the approach of boiling the water slowly with the people in it. Demoralization is the cornerstone of communist doctrine and Canadians lead the world in being demoralized, with many Canadians not even knowing that this is the attack they've been under the longest. The Canadian government forced poisoned the public for 2 years straight. That's pretty demoralizing. The Canadian government steals between 40%-65% of each Canadian's income, in order to fund the state sanctioned soft kill murdering of sexually confusing the Canadian children, a poison based "health care" system and a new government run Medical Assistance in Dying Program. It's enough to make Satan himself blush. That's pretty demoralizing. If you have a job with the government or a job in general, you can only get promoted if you have the right label, so hard work doesn't count in the system. Again, pretty demoralizing. The Canadian government has also now legalized drugs. This means as you're going to the job you hate, already poisoned by the jab you didn't want to take, so you can keep working a job you don't enjoy, a job where hard work isn't a factor in your now have to step over the dead or near dead drug addicts that you pay not to work with your taxes. Pretty demoralizing all around. Think of a monkey humping a football in your front yard. That's Canada 24 hours per day. The communist love in has long been underway in the former great white north and the results are showing. 

I land in Canada. Here's the short list. There's no one to work the catwalk to the plane, so we all have to pile off the back of the plane and onto a bus. Never in my entire life has this happened in Montreal. It takes forever to accomplish this deplaning. This means business class passengers who paid extra to get off first, have to get off last.....many missing their connections. Communists of course are taught to hate the rich, without thinking about what happens to a society when everyone is poor and when no one wants to work. Although it takes 1 hour to get off the plane, the luggage is still not down yet because who wants to work harder when the government steals your overtime in taxes. The luggage area looks like what Bombay India looked like in the 1980's. It's like a luggage bomb went off and there's luggage everywhere. There are days of luggage piled around the airport because somehow we can indeed fake a man going to the moon but we can't find anyone to operate basic processes at the airport anymore. 

The point of this article is simple. Know what communism is. Know that Canada is in big trouble by design. Canadians may be too nice to say NO to their own soft kill euthanasia. You may have to escape to higher ground if that is the case. Canadians seem quite content to be murdered in plain sight, as long as the murderers are wearing a government or medical name tag. Everyone working for the government isn't a sustainable economic model because it means you become like a snake eating its own tail, faster than it can grow again. Working for the government should not be "the dream job" of the public at large, unless they want their society to collapse into its own footprint. Saying no to immigration doesn't mean you're a racist. Immigration has always been a weapon of the ruling classes throughout history. Maybe start looking into that old weapon of war. Everything "communism" is being installed in Canada. It's time Canadians at least started educating in this regard.

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