My 12 Step Government Approved Work Out For Today

Dec 30, 2021
Builds Complete Health According To The Experts
1. Wear my mask even when sleeping - double mask when I go out - lowers the oxygen I need to live and builds up toxic carbon dioxide in the blood - I can feel my health increasing with every labored breath I take
2. Keep 6 foot distance from everyone - all pathogens carry measuring tapes - they attack at 5 feet, not 6 - everyone knows that
3. Maintain a high level of fear all day so I stay healthy and safe
4. Download fear based propaganda into my subconscious from the state run TV, radio and print media - when you live out lies as truth everything goes your way
5. Fear the breath of other humans - if a human is breathing, they are dangerous - only non breathing humans are safe
6. Fear my own breath - I try not to breathe as my own breath can circulate into my own mouth and take out someone's grandma
7. Feel guilt and shame because I breathe - knowing guilt and shame are the 2 lowest vibrations ever measured to come out of the human body. Daily fear plus the immense guilt and shame I carry (just for being alive) helps my immune system stay strong
8. Frequent essential services like the fast food restaurants, junk food corner stores, liquor stores and the weed shop. Avoid the gym and the organic restaurants because people breathe in those places but don't breathe in the essential stores - the virus can read, measure distance, has store preferences and only takes out the next age group that the corrupt authorities want to target with the new medicine.
9. Wait by the TV hoping I get told that the boo-stars are ready. What didn't work the first or second time, will certainly work the 3rd and 4th time - everyone knows that - companies publicly traded on the stock market would never collude to drive their profits up
10. End every interaction with other TV watchers with "stay safe" because doing what you're told by psychopathic satanic groups masquerading as government and big business is the only way to stay safe - health can't be built any other way than a) reducing your oxygen b) a high level of fear c) guilt and shame d) inserting toxins under the skin and e) avoiding everything that builds health - I know it's doesn't sound like this would ever make you super healthy but all the TV experts agree that being unhealthy is the new healthy
11. Avoid the sun and outdoor spaces because the more you stay home, the safer it is for everyone - if no one would breathe ever again everyone would be safer
12. Don't read or research - when you want to know what's really happening, make sure you have lots of TV's and no books in your home - trust what's on the screen - never trust your own eyes, your own experience or the real life experiences of anyone else in your community - their real life is fake news and the fake news on the screen is real life - you can take that rule to the bank and cash it in for your best life.
This is my ticket to optimal wellness. The TV told me. The TV never mentions exercise, healthy eating, clean water, proper sleep, zinc, sunshine, connection, active relaxation or living out my passion. The easiest way to get in shape is to follow those 12 steps. Stay safe everyone.


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