Monkey Pox or Monkey Business?

Jul 25, 2022

Inside Freemasonry is a concept of two pillars called Jachin and Boaz. Sacrifice always happens between the two pillars, to which the sacrificial animals are always tied, similar to the movie King Kong when the sacrifice is tied to the two pillars for Kong.

Jachin and Boaz (a free-masonic concept regarding effective war strategy to conquer an enemy target) is based on controlling the sides, flanks and perimeters of a targeted area and then squeezing your enemy into submission from the flanks. The sacrifice occurs between the two pillars. As we can see in this headline, we recognize the Jachin and Boaz scenario in areas that are famous for tyrannical policies used to facilitate utopian dreams that have always failed throughout history.

California and NY have been set up as the sacrificial pillars in the US, especially their port systems, to squeeze sacrifice out of the middle of the country. It's no surprise that all fabricated psychological operations start on either coast and work their way inwards from the two sacrificial pillars, Jachin and Boaz. (NY City/NY State and LA/California). It would be great if our society could ditch these heavily corrupted secret societies and all the symbolic nonsense that goes along with them. At one time in history, all secret societies were illegal and their membership put to death...and for good reason. These corrupt groups (known as the predator class, the ruling 1% or the apex predators etc) simply gathered themselves under different organizations and continue to this day. Their fingerprints are easy to draw from any crime scene, especially the never ending cons parading openly today. Either way, if the "middle USA" is to survive, it must deal harshly with the anti-freedom/pro lie-ahria movements on both coasts.


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