How Words Can Hack Your Behavior....And You Won't Even Know It.

Sep 13, 2022
In this video (CLICK THIS LINK we have a master hacker of the mind and behavior system put Howie Mandel (from America's Got Talent) under a spell. As you can see Howie appears sane, logical and rational in his behavior......but he's doing what the master hacker programmed into him. Howie was absolutely sure that his behavior was being generated internally. (like most people believe) When  someone believes "they're in full control and that they can never be hacked" it makes that person much easier to hack, control and manipulate.
Most people today are like Howie Mandel in this video. Most people are absolutely certain that they're in full control of their behaviors but unfortunately they're not. There are people out there (like this master hacker and the people who taught him these tricks) who know that human behavior is very easily hackable. I'm one of those people, someone educated in hacking human behavior....outside a person's conscious awareness. I have used this mind hacking technology to get my way at airport ticket counters, in retail stores and I've even used this technology on friends to change their behavior at times. As long as people think they're in control and that they can't be hacked...they're much easier to hack. This knowledge also allows me to block the hacking by others at times....but not all the everyone is hackable, even myself.
In the video linked above, there's two major hacks organized on Howie Mandel by the mentalist. One hack involves MAKING and FORCING Howie to draw a certain object, outside his conscious awareness. That hack was explained to the studio audience and that was amazing all on its own. There was also a second hack that was never explained. That hack involved MAKING and FORCING Howie to pick a time set on a watch. Again, this hack was never explained. I'll explain it right here and in that explanation you will start to see how you're being hacked by sounds and words. The watch hack was done with words and the object hack (making Howie draw a particular object) was done with images. Again the object drawing hack was explained in the video, the sound hack was not.
In regards to the sound hack, which forced Howie Mandel to pick the 4 o'clock on a watch.......the word FOUR was used by the hacker 5 times. There's a part of the brain that's kept secret from the population. This secret part of the brain counts repetition and then repeats the most repetitive theme, picture, sound its order to make friends with the tribe and find greater degrees of safety inside the wolf pack. In short, humans are like mindless parrots in a way, repeating whatever they're told and really focusing in on the most repetitive content to parrot back to the group they're living in. It's a simple protection mechanism and that's where all this hacking is done. Humans mimic, copy, mirror and emulate the most repetitive content of their environment. It happens automatically and this secret part of the mind MISSES NOTHING, in regards to literally COUNTING what's most repetitive.
As the master hacker in the video spoke, he used the word FOUR five times. He said performance, perform, comfortable, for and before. This is how smart and rapid this secret part of the mind is....It heard the five FOURS, which were contained inside other words. PerFOURmance, PerFOURm, comFOURtable, FOUR and beFOUR. This secret part of the mind then declares in milliseconds that FOUR is a safe word to utter inside the immediate environment. (to gain a bond with the tribe). As Howie was asked to guess a number (any number)......the hacker already knew that Howie was pre-programmed to spit out the number FOUR. Hackers know this. I know this. It's easy. We give the hacking victim something repetitive that what we want them to regurgitate and we know it's coming out of their mouths because we put it there.
The point of this longer explanation is to prove to you that what you see and what you hear, can change your behavior to the benefit of the controller or hacker.....and you're going to never know any of it is going on. This "mimic what's most repetitive in your environment" defense mechanism is like your heart rate or your eyes blinking. You're not in control of it, it's all automatic. Now that you know that what you hear can hack your thoughts, actions and behaviors let's look at some of the very names of your mis-leaders today. I want you to know that their VERY NAMES can hack you in this very way.
Look at Justin Trudeau. See anything? Could the words JUST and TRUE ring positive emotions through the secret part of your brain? The more the media drives those words into your mind, the more likely you are to have warm and fuzzy feelings about them? If you are a hacker of the mind, you can see this right away. Who doesn't want to be treated in a JUST way? Who doesn't want TRUE or TRUTH? How far can this hacking go? Remember, the more you think you can't be hacked, the easier you are too hack. What about Cristyia Freeland? The phonetic CHRIST in her first name. FREE in her second name. A very positive and emotionally packed delivery into this secret part of the mind. Can the population be attracted to such people based on their names alone, outside their conscious awareness? If you understand how the human mind can be easily hacked in this way, you already know the answer. What about the new Health Minister in the UK, a one Therese Coffey. We see COFFEE in her last name, not to mention she's not healthy whatsoever but there are massive secrets about coffee the public isn't aware of. The powers that shouldn't be actually collude behind closed doors to drown us in caffeine and coffee for very specific reasons that are discussed in this linked article. Don't forget, the more times you hear any word and see any image, the more likely you are to repeat it or engage with it....outside your conscious awareness. Master hackers know this and all master hackers learned these tricks from funded government research that has always aimed to weaponize this hacking. What about the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. TRUCE means a peace deal or the word can also register very close to the word TRUST. Can your mind be preconditioned to accept people based on their name alone? Are some of our mis-leaders being picked for this very reason, to gain mental traction in the collective hive mind?
In 2023, I'm releasing a documentary called PLANET MIND CONTROL where these interesting topics will be elaborated on. Humans are hackable. Humans can be hacked in positive or negative ways. The darker groups ruling us at this point only hack us to execute very negative behaviors upon ourselves, our children, our communities and our planet. If we can learn how this hacking is done, we can block the negative hacking and only allow in the good hacking or even program ourselves for ONLY positive behaviors. If you would like to get on my private email list to stay up to date with other interesting topics, please email me personally to [email protected].


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