Mind Control Explained In A Movie About Mind Control

Nov 08, 2022
I'll keep this short. If you click the first link below, you'll get to a scene from the movie "Focus" where Will Smith's character just lost lots of money. Smith just lost millions in a bet with a famous Asian gambler. Smith's character lost that bet purposely so he could sucker the Asian gambler into a secondary "double or nothing" bet. The double or nothing bet appears insane and the Asian gambler takes the bait..... but  that's where the mind control comes in. Watch this short scene right now before the mind control, which helps Smith win the bet, is explained below. https://bit.ly/3NQ90oV
Now if you want to know how that mind control con was set up so Smith's character and his partner could win the bet...just click this link - https://bit.ly/3DR9feK
I'll also keep this short. You are hacked in this exact way every single day of your life at least 20-30 times per day. What you're seeing on a repetitive basis (which is proven to control your behavior without you knowing it) throws you down the ditch in life over and over again. You could get exposed to repetitive positive content daily so you become your best but the people in power would never do that for one simple reason. You can't farm lions, only lambs....and therefore you only get to eat from a never ending buffet of dis-empowering media and government garbage. What you see is what you'll be...and they make you see and hear nothing but garbage that guarantees your worst life is set to "repeat" inside your behavior system. You're the Asian gambler. The media and gov are Will Smith and his partner, Margot Robbie.....and that's why you're losing all your bets in life because it's a set up from the first day you flew out the womb.
What you call self sabotage is often just a result of very ancient and clever groups making sure you never find your true power by controlling what repetitive images and messages you see and hear. My courses on overcoming self sabotage are the only programs in the world that address self sabotage from the mind control and brainwashing perspective. 

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