Mexico, North America, Dysfunctional Relationships and KAREN

Jan 24, 2022
Lots of Canadians (and North Americans in general) believe your business is their business. As a dual resident of both Canada and Mexico, I can tell you first hand that this dysfunctional blueprint for social interaction is specific to Canada. In Mexico, no one runs up to you and tries to force you to wear a mask or tries to force you to do anything else either. No Mexicans do this anyway. In Mexico if someone does complain that you're not wearing a mask (you can't force anyone to wear a mask in Mexico, it's illegal) it would be a North American following through on their inverted media/government programming that it's a North American's god given right to control other people tyrannically, as they're controlled tyrannically by the misleaders who lord over them here in Canada and the US. When you're ruled by morons, you start to believe that you can moronically rule others. As we're ruled, we rule others the same way. If you're not free or happy, you don't want anyone else to be free or happy either. It's just human nature. North Americans export their misery, slavery and mental/physical Illness abroad and believe it's just one big altruistic endeavor. This is all part and parcel of the North American clinical delusion or psychosis that most people here are now living in.
As I've walked the streets of Mexico some Karen's and Kevin's from North America have brought this dysfunctional and self centered belief system right into my face. As the woke left programming gets triggered in Karen and Kevin (regarding me not wearing a mask in Mexico) they've had to be informed by Mexican authorities that this isn't how Mexico works. This is when Karen and Kevin Coffee Shop from North America start to throw a temper tantrum because basically inside the socialist systems of North America, the more you complain and act like a child, the more you get your irrational and childlike needs met. At this time the Mexican authorities usually just roll their eyes, shake their heads and walk Joe and Jane TV Watcher from North America can't ever process reality as reality...…that they're some of the most enslaved people on this planet. When all you do is party and self gratify for 40 years, this is what you get as a North American. You get free-dumb, not freedom. North America now provides free-dumb galore, where everything that makes you dumb is provided to you free by the state. Real freedom in North America can only now be found in the movies and TV shows of days gone by. Let's hope this changes very soon.
In short, some North Americans (not all) believe that they are the center of the Universe and they can't believe that their news and governments have been lying to them for decades, regarding North Americans being "super free" and that other nations like Mexico are dangerous and lacking first world services. When you compare North America to Mexico today, Mexico provides living conditions with greater autonomy, freedom and independence...…while providing most first world services as well. Some North Americans are living off the fumes and dreams of days gone by, as their original culture is replaced with basically a social credit system that's serving death, destruction and decay to every foundational principle North America used to stand for.
North Americans like to get into other people's business as sport and that's because the dysfunctional misleaders in government like to get into their business. As above, so below. As below, so above. As we're ruled as children here in North America, the more we become subconsciously programmed to act, think and behave like children ourselves. One of these child like characteristics of some North Americans are "getting into your personal business" for a good look around and judging session. I had just such a North American get into my business lately to judge my personal affairs. This North American compared her relationship with her husband to my relationship that I had with my wife. This North American KAREN of course judged her relationship as superior...…..until I reminded her of the other relationship she was having in her life. She had forgotten about her hyper dysfunctional relationship she was having with government. KAREN worked for the government and of course if you want to talk about dysfunctional romantic partners, there's no greater abusive long term dance partner on the planet other than government. When people are judging your personal relationships, they often forget to assess their personal relationship for the most psychopathic romance in recorded history...…..which is government....HANDS DOWN.
Anyone working for government is literally having a passionate love affair with a clinical psychopath...….and they usually love it, which in the end casts more light back on them and what's happening in their own lives than anything else. The KAREN judging my personal relationship had already taken 2 pushes of the new medicine under her skin, not because she wanted to, but because her psychopathic lover (the government) told her that if she didn't he wouldn't let her eat or come to work again. KAREN loves being lied to by her government beau, who told her that it was just 2 pushes under the skin and then she would finally be free....but liar government now tells her that it's different and that she needs to obey AGAIN to the new lie to win favor with the abuser. Who has a relationship that needs reviewing? Did you forget about your relationship with government KAREN? The same psychopathic abuser (government) forces KAREN to cover her mouth and nose daily (so she can't breathe clean air), makes her stand 6 feet apart from her friends (so she can't talk about how crazy her partner is) and makes her participate in humiliating rituals daily, so that her daily humiliation builds greater and greater forms of compliance and obedience. Yes there are dysfunctional romances, marriages, partnerships and relationships.....but if you're working for government, you're in the most dysfunctional and abusive relationship one could ever arrange and it's with a clinical psychopath.
Once last story. I was in Mexico working out at a gym and no one was wearing masks. Kevin Coffee Shop (a new arrival from North America) enters the gym. Kevin is wearing a mask to exercise, a symbol of male feminization that's proven to make females modify their behavior negatively in the presence of the weak male. (to learn more about feminized males and how weak men scare females into loving tyrannical government even more, you can read Dr. Mark McDonald's book "United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis") Regardless, Kevin a weakened male looks around and gets scared because the other men are stronger than him mentally and won't do moronic things that don't make sense. Kevin heads to the manager of the gym, who is Mexican, to complain. Kevin wants all the other men to be weak like him, so he doesn't have to face his short comings. He doesn't want to rise up to be a full man because that may take effort. Complaining is easier for Kevin, as to avoid the work and pain of growing up from a child and into a full adult. Kevin's weak leaders in Canada and the US taught him that if he has a temper tantrum, he's more likely to get his way. This keeps Kevin weak and childlike, just the way his socialist government likes him. What the Mexican manager said to Kevin was priceless.
The manager said "you're new here. You North Americans like to force your beliefs on other people because that's all you've really known your entire life. It doesn't work like that here in Mexico. If the people in the gym don't want to wear masks, that's their business. If you want to wear one, that's your business. In Mexico, someone else's business is none of your business. They won't try to take yours off but they're not going to tolerate you trying to make them wear one either. In Mexico, generally if you try to force your beliefs on someone else, it never works out too good. Enjoy your real freedom in Mexico, wear one if you want or don't wear one. Mind your own business and we will mind ours." Kevin re-entered the gym and decided to choose freedom instead of free-dumb.....and he removed his mask and worked out right next to us FREE. North America can save itself but we're going to have to rehab all the Karen's and Kevin's who insist on thinking, acting and talking like children.....long into their adult years. In 2022, let's all grow up and make freedom the foundation of everything we do and stand for. Let's divorce the psychopathic government from our lives and let's get on with living as happy, healthy and empowered adults.


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