Man Calls Me Insane For Not Pushing Poison Under My Skin

Jan 20, 2023


Human behavior is extremely interesting to study and of course the greatest minds in the field of human behavior have very pointed warnings regarding the need to educate the masses on this subject. Humans actually have a part of the brain that decides truth for them, literally manufacturing what is true from cues in the environment. This part of the brain that creates our reality, behaviors and beliefs for us (outside our conscious awareness or conscious involvement) is called the subconscious. The more repetitive the messaging, cues or imprints in the environment, the more the subconscious focuses in on them because the subconscious assumes that the repetitive nature of those messages reflects what the majority in the tribe are thinking, saying or doing. The subconscious is all about "protection" and nothing is more protective for a vulnerable person than mimicking the thoughts, ideas and behaviors of the majority. In short, human behavior can be summed up in 4 words.......monkey see, monkey do.

Saying all that, the people who rule us know everything about the subconscious. The people ruling us know how to modify and manipulate the repetitive cues in our environment to manufacture our beliefs for that's exactly what our subconscious is designed to do anyway. Originally, we would only have the physical/natural world to draw our cues from but then came along the science of how the mind really works......and that gave a very evil group on this planet all the science they required to start hacked this part of the mind and controlling our beliefs, ideas and behaviors. By hacking this part of the mind, you can indeed make humans believe the belief that pushing poison under your skin is going to end in a positive outcome. With the hacking of the subconscious mind pathway, through manufactured repetitive content (propaganda) you can indeed program a human to believe things that are in contradiction to natural law. This is when things go very bad for the human being programmed. Natural laws are the laws that govern our plane of reality. Natural laws are often described as the truth. The truth doesn't care if we believe it or not, it just is. When you don't live your life according to natural law, your life goes in the toilet at light speed.

For example, if you jump out a 5th-story window, you will fall toward the ground. That's gravity, that's one natural law. Programming someone to believe that poison will make them healthier (via repetitive propaganda) is the equivalent of someone believing they can fly when they jump out the window from the 5th floor. Hacking the subconscious can indeed be this powerful and this destructive if we're not aware of how our brains work, in regards to where we get our beliefs and why we believe them.

We also need to understand that if we get programmed to believe anything that defies natural law, our lives are going to get worse in a hurry. We may even lose our life prematurely by believing ideas that fly in the face of natural law. Do gas stoves really pose a health danger? Will your life become better when farmers can't produce your food? Does the media really tell you the truth? Does your vote really count? Are psychopaths really the best people to take care of you and your family? Will you really be happy if a group of criminals steal everything you own, under the guise of greening the environment? So just be careful because beliefs are closed systems and once that belief circle is closed, you're going to stand in the middle of that belief as it guides your life. The person who said I was insane for not pushing poison under my skin has been hacked and their life is collapsing all around them because of the anti natural law ideas that have been programmed into their subconscious by media and government. No one can fly when they jump out a window and poison can't make you healthy. Poison doesn't work like that. That's why it's called poison. Poison won't make anything better, ever, for any living creature. Are your beliefs serving you or are they serving a group of dark sorcerers who know how to program you right into the abyss? Where do your ideas come from and are they in harmony with natural law? Your life is literally a printout, which can give you these answers and many more. The more painful and disempowering your existence, the more you need to start integrating natural law back into your life. Start removing government and media from your environment....and your life will get better naturally, without any effort whatsoever. True story.



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