Male Strength, Increased Compliance And The Plan To Shut Down All Professional Sports

Our societal grooming systems are obvious for everyone to observe. The trends regarding those grooming systems are equally obvious. The government (ancient ruling families masquerading as an altruistic force, in order to enslave the public in the most efficient way possible) have developed a system that maximizes academic pursuits (mental development) and minimizes (or eliminates) physical activity...…the development of human strength on a physical level.
The government (never wanting to battle with a population of independent and physically vital citizens) has conditioned the masses to falsely believe that sitting for longer and longer periods inside their brainwashing camps called schools, without exercises to develop our physical strength, is where our utopian existences will always be found. As Malcolm X said, "only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children." If you think the government is your friend at this point, you're either purposely not paying attention, are being intellectually dishonest or you've been a victim of the agenda I'm describing in this entire article.
Now this behavior modification tactic (of removing physical strength via academia) has been turned up another notch on the social engineering stereo with gyms being shut down, people being afraid to exercise because they breathe harder (their breath may kill someone's grandma) and some schools banning sports altogether. The fact that gyms are on some imaginary list of "non essential businesses" is just another piece of the puzzle inside this "keep them physically weak slaves" agenda. If you wanted a society of weak humans to rule, you would make gyms not essential as well. You would also promote chemicals as healthy, plus size models as sexy, overweight people as health ministers, muscle building meat as toxic, masculine strength as even more toxic, move feminizing hormones into the environment an masse and make sure all the role models in media don't promote building physical strength. As a ruler, knowing weaker people are easier to rule, you would make the people you rule physically weak on as many different fronts as possible and then advertise all those weakening attacks as "not connected" through the media you control.
The end result is...…physically weak humans and worse, physically weak males. You can't farm lions, only lambs. Let's look into the future regarding where this "make them physical weak" agenda is going. We also have social media algorithms literally "pushing" the stories of death via heart attack (in athletes) into the stratosphere. When you see the social media pushing the stories of athletes dying from heart attack (via the new medicine) and not censoring those stories, I know exactly why and I know exactly where they're going with this. As Icke says, "when you know the destination, you can see the journey".
They want the public to see the heart attacks on the courts and on the fields. They want this in full public view because they plan on banning all sports and saying, "it's just too dangerous for anyone to exercise because of all these heart attacks, we're going to shut all the sports down until we do more research and then get them going again. All for your health and safety because we care so much for each and everyone of you"...…..but sports will never be allowed to get going ever again. Then they close all physical activity across the world, close all gyms and teach future generations that it's just safer to sit (or lie down) in your matrix pod of red goo and get into the Metaverse via your virtual reality helmet. With no physical activity permitted, the ease of rule becomes child's play, as a human's compliance to tyranny is inversely related to their physical strength and male hormone profile, which is only increased with physical strength building exercises. The people who rule you do lots of research and that research is sold. The more weak a male, the more they comply. The more strong, the less they comply. Look at the men complying today. The ones who comply the most are the weakest physical specimens. The ones who speak up are the strongest physical specimens. In short, Joe Rogan is speaking up because he's a physically strong male. Joe Coffee Shop, Kevin TV Watcher and your local obedient medical doctor are most often (if not all the time) physically weak males who don't understand that they do comply like obedient lap dogs because they've been purposely made physically weak.
The reason this trend of "less physical activity/more mental activity" exists in the first place is to make the very powerful and dangerous human lion into an easily controllable human lamb. Have you noticed that most doctors today cower in fear and do exactly as they're told, even when those instructions are destroying their fellow man. Most doctors are still men mind you but they're physically weak because of all their academic training. This has been all done on purpose, all organized long ago before those doctors were even born. Most doctors are compliant because of their conditioning, mostly mental and very little physical. A lack of physical strength makes you the most compliant. The people who rule us want us as physically weak, morally bankrupt and reflexively obedient as they can possibly make us. That will always involve maximizing mental activities and minimizing strength training physical activities. Lock downs are also in the same category. They're all about more sitting, more de-conditioned bodies, less movement, less strength, less vitality, less expectation, smaller and smaller cages for the out of shape human animals. You're being farmed.
Look at the men leading the push back today. Last night, it was Hulk Hogan. Odd that we need a strong male like Hulk Hogan leading the way but not odd at all. Joe Rogan, Aaron Rogers, Kyrie Irving, Cole Beasley. You know...….strong men. Then look at the obedient lap dogs on TV, paraded on the screen purposely, who are endorsing being compliant...….you know...…physically weak men. The physically weak men are advertised as the heroes and the leaders. The strong men are advertised as putting everyone in danger but real men know what danger is and what it isn't. The common cold isn't dangerous and can easily be avoided. What's dangerous is slavery disguised as freedom, poison disguised as medicine, wrong disguised as right and feminized males disguised as alpha leaders. We need real men back in the positions of power. For example we have an election coming up here in Ontario Canada. Where is a real man to run against Doug Ford and just base the entire campaign on one premise, "Doug's not a real man or leader, he's too out of shape to lead the tribe because he can't lead himself in his personal life." That's what we need to get back to. Real men doing men stuff. Men stuff is about protecting the tribe from evil jackals. Government, media, medical and science jackals are now trying to get rid of all the alpha lions so the jackals can take over pride rock. If you're looking for more information regarding the attack on men and what men can do about it, hit this link.


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