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Dec 29, 2021
 80% of mind control and brainwashing is based on repetitive messaging. That means the more you hear or see any idea, belief or behavior...…the more prone your subconscious is to believe it's true and to act it out. Unfortunately the part of the brain that can be put under mind control does react to repetitive lies in the same was it reacts to repetitive truths. If a lie is repetitive, a good majority of humans will mimic, copy and emulate that lie because of the way their mind is designed. You will be what you see. What you hear, you will make clear. What's on the screen in the morning will be on the street in the evening.
The people ruling us know this and keep the mind's "copying" design hidden from most of the general public. The people ruling us know that this part of the mind can be hacked using repetitive lies to make humans literally remove themselves and/or remove their own children. The reason our historical enemies use media repetition mind control to trick some people into remove themselves and their own children is so that classical war based destruction of the targeted nation is bypassed and so legally they are also onside as well, as you can't sue anyone legally if you're tricked into removing yourself or your own children. If you would like to learn more about mind control, brainwashing and how to protect yourself (and your own children) please email me at [email protected]. Title your email, "I want to learn about mind control and protect my family."
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