It's Time To Ditch The Coffee/Caffeine in 2022

Dec 29, 2021
5 Diseases/Problems Coffee Causes
1. Neck and Shoulder Pain - when you drink caffeine (which is a pesticide poison that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs and other plants) you activate the body's flight or fight system, which changes your breathing to "neck breathing" instead of breathing with your belly/diaphragm. When this happens your neck is charged with picking your ribs off your lungs so they can fill up instead of the diaphragm pushing your intestines down so your lungs can fill up This leads to massive neck and shoulder pain plus headaches/migraines.
2. Depression - caffeine consumption is directly linked to depression. Evidence and citation studies that prove this can be found in the book "Caffeine Blues" by Stephen Cherneskie. Caffeine causes depression because caffeine destroys your body from the inside out.... so the body purposely manufactures negative emotions in an attempt to link the caffeine poison consumption with a negative outcome. Doctors today hear many people complaining about depression yet they rarely (if ever) ask about their patient's caffeine intake. That's because medical doctors aren't health experts and they only get paid when their patients continue to be sick. If you get healthy, doctors starve. If you're always sick, business is always booming. Many hospitals serve toxic coffee inside their grounds and many doctors are addicted to this drug themselves. Anyone relying on their doctor to be healthy will never be healthy...….which is the sort of victim-hood dream life many people have been programmed to pursue down here in the death cult. Listen to your body, not your doctor. Doctor yourself. If you're depressed, something you're doing is causing the depression. Figure out what that is and remove it yourself because your conventional medical doctor isn't trained in healthy living and isn't interested in true holistic living principles. If you were healthy, how would they get paid? Caffeine is linked to almost every chronic disease in our modern time. Regardless of what physical or mental disorder you have, you need to remove the coffee and all caffeine to get your body and mind healthy again.
3. Heart Attacks and Strokes - caffeine is directly implicated in the triggering of heart attacks and strokes simply because caffeine constricts blood vessels to the point where they can no longer permit blood to flow effortlessly through them. Coffee is also a diuretic., which means it's a poison the body would rather flush into the toilet. The caffeine poison is removed by the body with massive quantities of water.........which means your water stores decrease when you drink coffee. At this point your blood goes from a viscosity equal to that of water to something as thick as ketchup. Add that clotting factor in with the smaller blood vessels and your next heart attack or stroke is right around the corner. Coffee is poison and your life will never be what it could when you consume it. In fact the people who rule you make sure there's coffee on every corner so you never get anywhere near your full potential. Given what's going on in the world today, the last thing any mouth breathing TV watcher needs in their life is something that increases their heart attack risk. Connect the dots. Most things made available to you down here on planet mental asylum and purposely placed here to make you and your family diseased, dumbed down, depressed and disoriented.
4. Joint and Disc Erosion - I've already explained above that caffeine poison forces the body to sacrifice its water stores, in order to get that garbage out into the toilet. Your joints and the cushioning between your spinal discs are also made of mostly water. Drinking coffee daily means these water cushions dry out and then you get the bone on bone situation that destroys a person's spinal discs and/or joints. The first joints to go with chronic coffee poison consumers are knees and hips. The discs to first go are usually T12-S1, S1-S2 (both lower back) or C6-C7 (lower neck). People who don't care about poisoning themselves with caffeine, often don't care about poisoning themselves with alcohol either...….and alcohol is just another remover of water from the system. At that point it's like putting fire out with gasoline, as people like this fall apart prematurely and their doctor never suggests for them to stop poisoning themselves into an early grave. A dance of complete futility, as a poisoned person asks someone who sells poison (a doctor) for a solution to the self inflicted poisoning. Our entire economy is based on selling poison, complaining about the ramifications of the poisoning and then trying to make the poisoned people healthy with more poison. It's insanity in physical form. A society this stunned can't survive, which was always the designed intent of a culture that embraces poison as a religion. Our society hates itself and is mentally ill. Read that last sentence again. No truer statement could ever be spoken.
5. Insomnia - caffeine poison activates your fight or flight system, which is the same defensive system your body activates when you're getting attacked by a mugger. Caffeine produces a steady stream of "wide awake" and "high heart rate" hormones in the bloodstream because of its activation of the fight or flight system. Sleep at this point, where you can recuperate to be healthy the next day, is absolutely impossible. Not sleeping well leads to fatigue, which in turn leads to a need for more coffee, in order to feel somewhat alive, which leads to more depression and water loss...…..which leads to more health problems and more trips to the doctor, which ends with no advice other then to add medical poison into your mouth along with your caffeine poison. A religion of self hatred masquerading as an advanced society. No wonder people are sick all the time. We live on a planet and operate inside a system that embraces poison as a religion. In other words, the society we live in is anti health, anti human, anti success, anti God, anti progress, anti life, anti happiness and anti everything you need to have a satisfying, happy and long life. You live in a death cult and of course the death cult loves a hot cup of poison every morning. Why wouldn't they? Coffee is your worst life in a cup.
If you're looking to make a break out of the death cult of poison, slavery and stagnation just visit and take a look around.
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