Inflation Report

Dec 16, 2021
The following is what I propose, in order to start hedging your bets against the pre planned shortages and the resulting inflation from corrupt money printing.  (invisible theft of a citizen's wealth)
1. Buy 6 months of food and supplies that you use on a regular basis. Food prices and the price for basic supplies will tend to double yearly moving forward so this will hedge your inflationary pressure. Food and any supplies that you use on a regular need to be stockpiled. Making sure you have at least a shotgun or long rifle to protect your stored goods, is also advised. Fire power inside the home will be something very important in the next 2-5 years. For this reason as well, you need to start collecting seed and getting a much bigger garden going. Learning how to save seed and garden will be a skill that could save you ten thousand dollars per year in the near future
2. If you have a piece of household equipment that you use on a regular basis (that's about to move into its last stages of lifespan) like a hot water tank, furnace, fridge, dryer etc.......those pieces of equipment will also be close to double in a couple of years. If you have the money it's wise to take action now with any equipment nearing the end of its lifespan, in order to hedge your bets against inflation. If you wait until that older piece of equipment breaks it may take 6-10 months to find a replacement at near double the price. We could get into a Cuba situation where parts for the most basic machines just aren't available.
3. Be careful buying new vehicles in the next 5 years as our human farmers will start banning gas powered vehicles in the next 10 years, so make sure you coordinate the sale of your vehicle before everyone finds this out, in order to avoid the plunge in car price as these corrupt policies are instituted. Just keep this in the back of your head but there's no need to take action on it anytime soon.
4. Open up a crypto trading account on a crypto exchange.....and you will have to learn the ropes here yourself. Learning how to open a crypto account and acquire coins does have a learning curve to it. I do have a person who rents himself out for $75 per hour to guide on getting a crypto account open if you need him. Let me know if you do and I can provide his email address. Invest only 20% of your investable monetary resources and be prepared for it to go up and down wildly, Only invest what you can't touch for 2 years. NEVER PURCHASE ANY SUGGESTED COINS IN AN UP MARKET.  An up market is a hot market, when everything is moving upward rapidly. Never buy in an up market. Always wait until we get what's called a correction (a pull back) where the market falls by between 20-40%. Then you buy in but you have all your accounts set up first, so you can take immediate action during a pull back. Any amount you invest will do very well if you purchase the coins attached and if you only buy your coins during a down market or what they call a correction or pull back. Invest according to the portfolio attached and if you get serious in the future, always consider joining Subscribe ( paid subscription to always get hot tips that will make you big returns over the next coming year. The Dollar Vigilante also has a good portfolio of mining stocks/stock buy tip/sell levels for crypto etc that will keep you ahead of the financial curve every year . If you want to team up to split the cost of The Dollar Vigilante subscription, go back to my original post on this subject and meet together in the comments. This is just if you're serious about making money in the next couple of years beyond this free advice. Split the cost of The Dollar Vigilante subscription (with 5-8 people maybe) to make things easier for you. Just start with my free advice and get moving. Jeff Berwick's website has a free newsletter but that won't get you the information you need. You need to subscribe to the Subscribe ( which gets you all his stock and crypto advice. NEVER PUT ALL YOUR MONEY IN CRYPTO. Jeff Berwick suggested only 20% crypto, 30% hard gold and silver, 30% mining stocks and 20% cash. To do this properly, in the right investments, find the dollar vigilante site and get information from people who do this for a living.
In addition to Jeff Berwick's amazing crypto's some up and coming crypto picks from a person I know, who always looks for the next big movers. His name is Emery Robichaud and you can find him on FB.
Shiba inu
Again NEVER put all your money in crypto EVER. You need a mix of investments and that is why Jeff Berwick's team is a good card to play for a proper investment mix.
I like these people for financial education......
Mike Maloney -
Robert Kiosayki and his wife Kim (Rich Dad/Poor Dad) -
Pallisade Radio -
Stansberry Report -
The Kitco Report -
The stocks I recommended with my online talk were Equana Technologies and Park Lawn -
5. You also have to hedge your health bets. Your corrupt governments will be trying to destroy your health on all levels so moving toward a full holistic and healthy living model is essential. To understand what that means, start with this book by Paul Chek. If you've taken the shot already, start detoxing according to this protocol linked, 3 weeks before all shots and 4 weeks after. and if you did take the shot to keep your job for now, they'll eventually force more toxic injections into you starting next year. So start trying to get your own side hustle going right now, so you don't have to take the second round of shots....and so on and so on. The most insane thing I've ever seen is people bitching that they were forced to get their shots (in order to keep their jobs) but then they just go back to the same mindless routine that made them prime targets for this corruption in the first place. Stop being a victim and get out of the system before you die in the nice cozy confines of your prison cell. If you've taken the shots, get your own business going right now because this ends two ways for people in these vaccine mandatory jobs. You either kill yourself trying to keep up with your fatal vaccine paper work, you eventually bow out of the cycle voluntarily because it's so corrupt or you're forced to bow out because you're permanently injured. Either way, you need to take action now getting your own business going and your own independent source of income flowing. You need to take action today.
If you're having a hard time taking action on a better way of life, quitting addictions, losing weight, investing in a better future, using your voice to push back or starting your own business...…'s usually because of self sabotage based programs running in your subconscious mind. If you need help with that, just write back as well and I can provide you information to solve those problems too. Thanks again. You're doing great. By preparing you take away evil's power over you and your family. That means you're disempowering evil and that means you're doing the right thing to save your society. Keep up the amazing work.
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