Illuminati Movie Review - The Marksman (with Liam Neeson)

Nov 29, 2022
Inside the subconscious mind, most of today's movies have the same effect on behavior, even though the movie titles and actors are different. The subconscious mind controls our behavior, outside our conscious awareness. The subconscious manufacturers our behavior from the repetitive content it observes in our environment. 2 repetitions or more of the same content, imprint, message, symbol, idea, belief etc.......catapults that behavior or object into our conscious mind, to act out in the real world. Movies and TV shows aren't there to entertain us, they exist to entrain us through repetitive content, purposely produced as negative, self abusive and dis-empowering. The human subconscious copies, mimics, mirrors and emulates the repetitive content on our screens. What is on the screens... will be on the street in no time flat. Dr. Jerry Kroth (professor of psychology at Santa Clara University in California) explains this FACT in a great lecture at this added link.
The Marksman doesn't fail to bring us our #1 and #2 most popular cinema-based behavior and image imprints within the first 15 minutes.... which are coffee and alcohol. It doesn't matter what movie you watch; coffee makes its appearance in most (if not all) movies within the first 10 minutes. The #1 hands down gold medal winner for repetitive content in all cinema is a) a takeout coffee cup b) a coffee mug c) a coffee shop or d) a coffee machine on the kitchen or restaurant counter. Coffee and alcohol have extremely detrimental effects on the health and brain function. Click here for a review of why they want as many people as possible drinking coffee. Visit this added link for similar information on alcohol. And yes TV and movies are proven to modify your behavior directly, outside your conscious awareness, Click this added link for an entire documentary on that fact.
Poverty programming (another common theme in all screen and print media) makes its appearance in The Marksman when Liam Nesson (who is bankrupt) and his child co-star (who is equally broke) burn about $200,000 in cash in a fire because "it's from the cartels". Poverty programming revolves around inserting mind programs into the subconscious regarding money being bad, evil and dirty.... while a lack of money is framed as noble, honorable and reflexive of the high moral ground. And that folks is why most people drink coffee, drink alcohol and carry a fear of abundance.... because these sorts of dis-empowering mind control programs are inserted into your subconscious by repetitive content on your TV and movie screens. It's easier to rule dis-empowered/diseased people and it's also easier to use hypno mind programming via screen media to program people to dis-empower you can keep your hands clean, at a distance.
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