If Your Life Sucks.....Feel It In Its Full Suckness.....Only Then Will You Change

Sep 18, 2022
When I come home from a hard day, I don't sedate to the pain. I don't turn on the TV, pour a glass of wine, roll a joint, smoke a cigarette, do a line, drink a coffee, scroll my phone, pop a pill, call my doctor, distract with Hollywood movie poison for the mind, complain about how hard I have it or plow myself full of sedative junk food. I sit there and take in my frustration and my fatigue. I  take in my fear that I'll never truly be free. I take in my disappointment in the cycles of futility we've all been tricked into participating in. I sit there and let the pain train run me over and then I let it back up and run me over again. I want to feel exactly how far away I am from where I really want and need to be. I let my inner pain punch me square in the face hard, no sedation. I don't want to avoid my reality, I want to feel my reality full on! I want to feel every ounce of what's really happening. If my life sucks in anyway, I want to feel it in its full suckness. I then use that pain to my advantage and that's the big secret.
If you don't feel your pain, you don't move and you never change. It's shown that a human needs to experience failure and pain, in order to mature properly from child to adult. This is why today so many people are trapped in a permanent childhood because government school teaches children to be afraid of making a mistake. (with the government's BS fail/pass school system of psychological manipulation) This is also why the people who rule us, down on the human farm, drown our communities in pain killing substances... as their full time jobs. This is also why government schools never fail children anymore or allow anyone to place last in a race. This is why pill pushing white coats are always coming over your shoulder like the worst kind of drug dealers when you experience some sort of grief, loss or deep emotional wounding....because it's an anti pain/pain aversion society. The corrupt government, which pushes a perpetual disaster capitalism economic model, also steps in right away if anyone is hurt, offended or afraid. "Against community standards" they say or "you need a safe space" they trumpet with altruism....all designed to make sure the people never encounter any pain EVER. They do this because of a well guarded secret. It's all about making sure no one matures. Our human farmers use a tsunami of never ending psychological and chemical manipulations, which ends in very few people experiencing enough failure or pain to morph into a fully functional and empowered adult. It's easy to rule sick, dependent child types.. It's much harder to rule healthy, independent adult types. You can't farm lions, only lambs. By creating a pain aversion society you produce a society of children in adult bodies, who are easier to rule in their immature and completely dependent states. I call these folks PRO-TEENS, life long professional teenagers. These children trapped in adult bodies are ruining our society and they're designed to ruin our society by disaster capitalism experts, who profit when entire cultures are destroyed, wrecked and inverted.
This is why there are sedative substances on every street corner as well. From alcohol to coffee and from fluoride in the tap water to the legalization of THC (and now hard drugs in British Columbia), you need to make sure no one feels their pain, so the public never matures into full adulthood. This makes for an "arrested development society" that's easier to rule, control, dominate, steal from, lie to and manipulate. Sedative addictions are about disconnecting from the part of yourself that knows change is needed. The person who works a job they hate for 30 years does so because they never allow that hate to sink deep enough into their soul. If you hate your job, your life, your relationship, your life direction or your emptiness......you need to feel ALL OF IT, in order to sling shot out of it. If you step on a nail, you need to feel the pain of that nail or you'll never take your foot off it. That's why most people sedate, tranquilize, distract and numb themselves like it's an Olympic sport today. They've been taught that pain is a goblin, something to destroy upon arrival....when pain is the ultimate guardian. The people ruling us know this as fact. Keep the public away from their pain and they'll never change, evolve, mature or progress. Keep the public dependent, childlike, addicted, inverted, weak, in debt and uninformed. Keep them slaves in every way possible. You live on a people farm and you're the livestock. The government creates the pain of a boring, mundane and soulless existence and then pumps in the sedative substances as well, while advertising through their corrupt media channels that everyone needs to keep executing their soul crushing/soul sucking jobs and then sedate to their pain for their entire lives. It's a lie-ahria buffet that never ends and it's designed by corrupt forces in government and media to destroy our entire society, so government can gain more and more power through disaster capitalism. Our government and media makes the dictionary definition of evil meaningless.
Addiction is the act of self murdering the only signals that will ever help us move, evolve, progress and change. The healthier I get, the more I can't stand my pain, so I use that tension energy inside my healthy body to actually change and do something about how I'm feeling.......instead of sitting in my jail cell pretending everything is OK and decorating my jail cell and my empty soul with more stuff, so it doesn't look so much like a prison. Every day when I get home from work, I make sure to feel any pain I have, so that I eventually rush toward doing whatever is needed to remove myself from the pot of boiling water that I'm already sitting in. To do that, you need to feel just how hot that water really is. Bravery and courage are the opposites of distraction and sedation. If you embrace your pain, YOU WILL build your dreams because you WON'T have any other choice. If you avoid pain and sedate to your pain.....you'll always build your nightmares. It's that simple. Avoiding pain is about trapping yourself in a permanent form of arrested development, living as a dependent child and becoming a burden to your entire society forever plus a day. Stop sucking energy and start producing it.
Self sabotage is the process by which you don't have enough time or energy to live the life you want because you're too busy living the life you don't want. If you want to break out of Shawshank Penitentiary, step #1 is to get healthy and remove all sedation and distraction from your life. Swim in your pain, don't sedate to it, dive deep, don't get out, soak it all in, don't avoid it, look it in the eye and ask it for the messages and secrets that only pain can bring. After that, you'll gain the motivation to make a move on your best life. Your pain is there to guide you to a better way of being. Pain is a guardian to be embraced, not a goblin to avoid. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences. You were born to do great things. Use baby steps. Start today. Get healthy first and then after that....start a passionate love affair with your own body/mind/spirit complex for the rest of the journey. If you need help stepping out of your self sabotage, email me at [email protected]. I'll send you some information free every week that can help you face your pain and then help you finally make a break over the wall at Shawshank Penitentiary. What you'll find after some reprogramming is that your prison door was never locked. You were always free to leave at anytime. Face your pain and feel your pain. After that, build a better life based on what works and what doesn't. Your pain is there to guide you out of the pain. True story. I did it and so can you.


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