If I Were The Devil

Dec 11, 2022
If I were the devil I would fill the media with nothing but negative role modelling, so each human would have nothing to mimic other than shallow, self serving, hedonistic, unethical and immoral behavior.
If I were the devil I would open institutions for children where they would be taught to repeat on cue, as their only virtue. I would teach the children a fake history, sexually confusing material and other subjects that  would make sure they could never operate successfully outside the slave based system that awaited them. I would reward them for their compliance, repeating skills and reflexive obedience plus inversely punish them immediately if they strayed outside their programming and exhibited any independent thought or rebellion against their enslavement.
If I were the devil I would keep rewarding the best repeaters until all they did was repeat, without moral or ethical review. I would invent jobs that poisoned the public and re-frame the entire operation as medicine, science and government. I would re-frame the poisoning based system as health care and pay the best repeaters the highest salaries within that structure. As the poisoning became obvious I would reward a corrupt media for fortifying every lie I needed to keep the elimination of the humans moving forward. If I were the devil I would make the humans so empty, soulless and inept that they would literally poison themselves willingly inside my camps called cities, just because someone would pay attention to them, as they were being poisoned. Forget the removal camps of old, these new camps called cities would have absolutely no fortifications whatsoever and the humans would volunteer for whatever I had planned, which would be their self gratification based removal BY THEIR OWN HANDS. This would all be based on a love of self. I would make them and their pursuit of their never ending pleasures the modern false idols they would worship. I would make them pleasure themselves into dust.
If I were the devil, I would poison the food, the water, the air and the land.....while again paying the best repeaters and the mocking bird media extremely high salaries in exchange for pacifying the bewildered humans with any lie necessary to keep them from discovering that their souls were being permanently trapped on the planet, as only moral and ethical people are permitted to become spirit and leave this place. I would keep this spiritual knowledge from them and never tell them that if they end up thinking, acting and talking like a devil on this planet........they keep getting recycled back here for an eternity, which means they're my play toy forever plus a day.
If I were the devil I would legalize every substance on God's green earth that interfered with the mind God provided for each human. I would sell these substances on every street corner and subsidize their production with fake money, which I would print wildly and give to any human who wanted to poison themselves daily. Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, medical sedatives, narcotic derivatives...the list would be endless. If I was the devil I would make the lives of the humans so evil, empty and meaningless... that their Friday and Saturday night poison would be the only thing they would look forward to. If there was a way to damage a human's brain, I would find it and I would sell it to them so they could keep sedating from their miserable lives. As the soulless humans would become so weak, most would simply end up destroying themselves with these substances, rather than fighting back because they would know I am stronger and they an embarrassment to the God who sent them here to confront me. If I was the devil I would make them and their never ending pleasures their new Gods, which would mean I would be their one and only true God by proxy.
If I were the devil, I would do everything necessary to destroy the foundation of strength in the human tribe, which is the conventional family unit. I would start fake wars as to ship the strongest men away from their families. I would popularize hedonism and equal rights for the female, which would end with no one looking after the children whatsoever.....other than myself of course. As the children would be sitting alone I would surround them disguised as government schooling, TV, movies, medicine and I would eat them alive I would incentivize and monetize single parenting, parental conflict, cheating, divorce, prostitution, hedonism, self gratification and re-frame the entire operation as evolution, progression, liberation, equality and the advancement of community standards.
If I were the devil I would make the highest paying jobs about poisoning, death, destruction and pushing my dark agenda. I would also attack anyone who was moral, ethical, just and fair....in order to make sure all humans became conditioned to obey and never question my doctrine. As the humans became conditioned to poison each other for fame and fortune, I would sit back laughing and watch the scared humans destroy themselves to the point where nothing remained. If I were the devil, I wouldn't spare anyone, not even my loyal foot soldiers because my name is DEVIL, which is LIVED spelled backwards. My name is LIVED spelled backwards, which means I am against all life and all living things. I spare no one, not even those who do my bidding. Those who do my bidding are the weakest and the most easily fooled.
By Jason Christoff (2019)


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