Tonight with my daughter, we talked about what 666 means. I explained to her that most free masonic code revolves around single digit numbers. For example 666 isn’t 666. 666 represents the sum of 6+6+6 which is 18 and again it’s not a single number yet. 18 means 1+8 which equals 9. Now 9 is code for a “system” of public manipulation that looks different to the eye, but is the same in result. If you multiply 9 by every number 1-9, and then total the answer, you always get 9. Go ahead try a few. 9×3=27 and 2+7=9. 9×6=54 and 5+4=9. They all equal 9. You can also double 9 and keep doubling. Every number, if you add up the digits, will always give you 9. You can also take 9 x 9, which is 81 and then multiply that by 9 and so on and so on……and if you reduce the product to a single number, it’s always 9. That’s the hidden code and secret. Make up a system that looks different (give it many disguises) but make sure you always get the same result.

The 9 is a real magic number because if you multiply 9 x 9….you get 81. If you add 8 +1….you get 9. We just did that but if you multiply 81 x 9………you get 729. 7 + 2 + 9  = 18 and of course 8 + 1 = 9. If you multiply 729 x 9……..you get 6561. Go ahead, add the numbers up and keep multiplying. You think the numbers are different, but that’s because you’re not part of the club. You weren’t taught the secret knowledge of how the world (nature and math) really works. They’re all the same number under the secret code……..they’re all 9’s.

It’s a system (a code), where the equations look different to the uninformed initiate but they always give the same answer. 666 means any system that looks different but which provides the same result. Like voting for a Canadian politician or any politician for that matter. The political parties look different and so do the politicians running, but the results are always the same. You get told what to do, with no participation in the laws that govern you what so ever, and every party “coincidentally” believes in you following orders and them providing the orders. Funny how all the “different” political parties share the same belief in that one very crucial area. Only the slave class thinks the result will be different, for those who write the code, they know the result of the equation……..which is always the same. They stay master and you stay slave.  This 666 political system is the same around the world of course. 666 means the ability to program the world for a guaranteed and predetermined result…….but to disguise the code, so the average person can’t figure out how the results are being achieved. 666 was never the biblical bad man in the red suit. 666 represents the actual mental computer code to covertly program the human mind…….and not in a good way. 666 means a way to organize slavery and tyranny, so people think it’s freedom and democracy.

Medications are like this as well, a 666 system. All toxic, all worsen health, all look different, all with different names, all said to target something different yet they all provide the same dysfunctional result for the people who wrote that 666 program. You hear the slave class daily speaking of the medical toxins they consume. I take statins. I take beta blockers. I take anti depressants. I take pain killers. They’re all the same, as they were designed to be………poison. Yet the slave talks about these 666 poisons like they were hand crafted just for them, made for their “particular” and “special” situation or disease. The 666 system fools anyone not versed in the ancient and advanced knowledge of secret societies. which is based on what it takes to fool and trick a human psychically and intellectually. What ever meds you take, they’re all poison and they all make you more ill. All the jobs are the same. All the sports teams are the same. All the beer is the same. All the mixed drinks are the same. All the cells phones are the same. All the 1 week vacations are the same. All the mainstream newspapers are the same. All the tattoos are the same. All the plastic surgeries are the same. All the vaccines are the same. All the movies are the same. All the government schools are the same. All the Universities and colleges are the same. All the TV shows are the same….YET THEY APPEAR DIFFERENT to the uninformed and untrained eye, just like all the different equations that magically add up to 9. All you get is the freedom to choose between things that look different yet they’re all the same. All you get is the ability to decorate your slavery with the stuff that enslaves you. All you get is freedom in the areas that don’t count………unless you wake up.

Everything inside the indoctrination and poison based control grid has the same effect on the slaves who don’t know the system. Everything is there to make them sick, make them broke, make them dumb and keep them as weakened/uninformed slaves. They’re all 666 systems. Only the uninformed public thinks they’re different but they’re not. This is what our ancient moral ancestors were trying to tell us in the ancient texts about 666 being the number of the beast. The beast is any sort of system that’s disguised as different but always gives the same one sided result, a result that benefits the code writers and not the average human…..who gets fooled by the code daily. 666 means that the people of knowledge dominate and subjugate the people without knowledge.

Beware of the systems that look different and use different disguises but are designed to fool the public into a result that never changes or ends…………..which is permanent slavery and perpetual servitude. Once you know how the magician does his tricks, the magic show doesn’t work anymore and it fails to impress. There’s no guarantees in life but I’m passing onto my daughter much of what I know, so she can navigate our current stormy waters and chart a course for a successful future. The more knowledge you hold, the less you’ll get fooled.

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