Is Your Self Sabotaging Behavior Holding You Back from The Life You Want?

Most Humans Follow and Obey While Believing Their Behavior is Based On Deep Intelligence
Humans are pack animals who follow the animal in front of them, while believing they're acting of their own free will. For good or bad, most humans follow without resistance, question or even the most basic superficial analysis. Case in point, look out the window today. The evil people ruling us through government and media know we are genetically programmed with this copying effect as a guaranteed fact. This is why they only give us darkness, addiction and self destruction to copy and follow.. Our monkey see/monkey do mind is what drives the cycles of self sabotage in our lives.
Most people work jobs they loath, marry people they should never marry, consume toxic alcohol, guzzle brain destructive coffee, eat cancer causing food like things and are having passionate love affairs with poisonous medical/science chemicals of all kinds simply because the person next to them is doing the same...….not because any of this makes any rational or logical sense. The basis of human behavior is simple. Most people do what they're doing simply because other people are doing it. When you find your life in the shitter, you can be guaranteed that this herd based/following part of the mind (the subconscious) is what's driving your perpetual drive into the abyss. The only way to change a person's behavior is to hack the subconscious and reprogram for success in some very basic (yet clever) ways. If anyone wants to learn how to do exactly that, go here where I explain the detail in more detail...Overcoming Self-Sabotage Program (


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Is Your Self Sabotaging Behavior Holding You Back from The Life You Want?

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