Nov 18, 2021

I’m starting a “Take Your Power Back Program“. The way our current system operates is that the system itself steals your power and uses it to enslave humanity. From toxic vaccines to junk food and from alcohol to having people program themselves in front of the TV……..the entire system is about removing your personal power to maintain the system.

Even with the government, which is currently being positioned against the public at this point in time………that system only exists through the forwarding of your power (via taxes) into the system. Government maintains its power by removing yours and using your power for itself. Your power is removed and funneled into the system in many different ways.

From poisons sprayed on our foods, which make us sick……all the way to free govenrment schooling proven to teach us nothing to maintain our power (paid by the public via legalized theft called taxes) every time we interact with the system, more of our personal power is siphoned away.

In order for you to thrive and keep your power for yourself, you need to gain knowledge and health. This will keep your energy and power inside you and inside your own life, so you can use it to manifest an existence that you want.

My “Take Your Power Back Program” includes 3 items.

One – you’ll receive both my Overcoming Self Sabotage Seminars recorded in 2018 and 2019. In those seminars I clearly explain how you’re mind controlled by media and government……plus I review many of the literal techniques used that implant power destroying ideas into your subconscious. Once you know these tricks, the government and media will no longer have direct access to your internal hard drive and therefore can’t make you behave in illogical, immoral and irrational ways.

Two – you”ll receive my healthy eating guide PLUS a large cache of healthy recipes PLUS a healthy living guide (all PDF’s), which include information that’s purposely hidden from you. It’s time to take your power back and keep it for yourself.

Three – you’ll get a personalized exercise program from my top personal trainer. He’ll send you some forms to fill out, so we know what equipment you have at home, your health history, your injuries etc……and he’ll build you a video exercise program just for you. (particular to your personal situation and goals) That exercise program is then delivered to you via video, to your phone, computer, tablet etc.

All this is only $199 Canadian or you can make 4 payments of $55. You can send payment via PayPal to [email protected]. If making 4 payments, just send the first payment and we can get started.

It’s time to take your power back and use it to build your dreams, not the dreams of our controllers. Keeping your power starts with knowledge and health. Take your power back starting today.

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