How To Know If You're Dehydrated

Mar 03, 2022
Working with a client last week. It's important to know the signs of dehydration. Dehydration takes a bit to start showing but the symptoms are obvious. A general lack of care for self is where it starts of course but coffee, alcohol etc. (known diuretics) are often also in play. A diuretic is something that takes water out of the system, usually because the item is so poisonous that the body would rather give up its valuable water reserves than keep the poison inside the body.
Allergies are often a sign of dehydration as histamines are easily transported out of the body if there is enough water. Histamines are what causes allergic reactions like sinus pressure, itching of the eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing etc. If a person is low on water, the histamines back up in the system and cause the allergic reactions. Most people need water (and to stop their coffee and booze)….. not anti histamine allergy medication. Address the root cause, which is always an unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle often includes unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and ideas about life as well.
Cramping - when a person complains of lower back cramps or spasms and even leg cramps at night, often low water is involved. Lower back pain is often referred pain from the kidneys, which rely on proper water levels to drain the body of toxins. Without enough water the kidneys start to struggle with their function and emit pain to the lower back muscles, as the kidneys have no pain sensors themselves and must hijack the closest nerve sensors to alert the owner of the body that there is a problem. Cramping in the legs at night often indicates the system is getting too tight without proper water levels. Inadequate water levels often makes the viscosity of the blood more like ketchup than free flowing watery blood, which inhibits circulation all over the body as well. An increase in pain syndromes are often the result.
Acne - if the body can't transport pollution out through the bowels and bladder, because water levels are low, the body will start to force its toxic load out through the skin as acne, rashes, cysts, boils etc.
General lack of Flexibility - people who are low on water aren't very flexible and have various pain syndromes throughout the body, mostly in the joints. The joints most affected by a lack of water are the knees, the hips, the lower back and the base of the neck. Anyone with knee or hip pain needs to address their water intake and water levels immediately. Get off the coffee and booze, In our death cult system most people just keep their unhealthy lifestyle habits, get a new hip or new knee and keep on destroying themselves at the hands of the misleaders wearing the white butcher coats. Your surgeon only gets paid when they do surgery. They don't want you to fix your joints by removing coffee and alcohol, while increasing your water intake. Your misery and helplessness is profit food for the ruling 1%.
Digestive issues - there's a thin layer of mucus that protects your digestive tract from mouth to anus. That thin layer of mucus is made of water. If you don't get enough water or if you suck the water out of your system with caffeine and alcohol, you leave your raw digestive track open for degradation at the hands of digestive acids and harsh waste products (poop) in your lower digestive tract. Ulcers, Crohn's, colitis, diverticulitis, appendicitis, rotating bouts of diarrhea and constipation all affect dehydrated folks more than anyone else. That thin layer of mucus also protects the urinary tract as well, so if you're low on water always expect chronic urinary tract infections or dysfunction of the bladder directly. Urine will burn through anything it touches without that thin layer of protective mucus. It's all in your hands. Just stop hurting yourself if you want your body to stop hurting you. Get rid of the booze and caffeine plus increase your consumption of clean spring water. Half your body weight in ounces is the recommended daily water intake. Your doctor only gets paid when you're sick, so they're not healthy experts. they're sickness experts, experts in making sure you stay sick. Find someone who gets paid when you're healthy.
Increase your level of self care and if you can't stop hating/attacking yourself, just let me know. I can help you change that program, which lives in your subconscious mind. A good self sabotage coach can help reprogram for your best life. More resources in the comment section.


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