How Governments Keep Control Over The Population Using Poison

Feb 15, 2022
It's important to note that all people can experience massive mood fluctuations based on diet. This information is hidden from the public because of some original warnings found in the bible. These warnings were completely on the mark regarded an ancient art form of controlling people through poison...… otherwise known as pharmakeia. The base noun of the word phamakeia is pharmakon, which is Greek for poison. In this word "pharmakon" we can observe how the poisoners of this world (our human farmers) see us as "pharm animals" or "farm animals", to be "conned" using order to disturb our brain function.
Mind control is much easier applied to humans (the control of their thoughts, beliefs and resulting behaviors) if they're infused with poison. Poison triggers many changes in brain function, which in turn makes the human animal more like a lamb, compared to its natural "lion" state of being. You can't farm lions, only lambs and to farm the great human lion, you must poison it into a lamb.
You live on a human farm. Everything from your fluoridated toothpaste to your coffee and from your wine to all your medications...…they're all hand picked for your consumption because they're all poisons, known to effect brain function in a negative way. Poison can't heal. Poison doesn't work like that but with a little help from advertising you can trick people to keep running east looking for sunset and rearranging the furniture on the deck of The Titanic.
If you're having a hard time in life it's because you don't know how you're ruled or how your brain malfunctions in particular ways, when it's poisoned. You also don't know that media, science, medicine and government colludes daily to poison you into greater and greater states of mental and physical dysfunction. The Great Reset is about legalizing your daily poisoning, so everyone is equally poisoned, and then censoring all information regarding the way this ruling group has kept you as a slave for thousands of years. Too many people were getting healthy so now the poison has to be forced on everyone, to maintain the system of control. If you want to be free, stop injecting and ingesting order to reactivate your original brain function that can't be enslaved, tricked or manipulated.
Poisoning you with pharmakeia, so everyone is equally dysfunctional and destroying anyone who tries to tell this story, is what The Great Reset is all about. The Great Reset is about the complete destruction of health through mandatory poisoning and the punishing of anyone who dares talk about how this ruling group maintains poisoning the slaves into compliance. The regular injections of poison are just a very simple extension of this agenda, which has been going on for hundreds of years....ever since Edward Jenner invented the first "poison under the skin" application a very long time ago. They're human farmers, you're human cattle. You need to understand these basic concepts if you want to thrive once more and regain your freedom moving forward.
Everything today is poisoned for this reason and it works so well to retard brain function, that most poisoned people can't see what's happening, which is always the end result of poisoning the just stops working. If you're eating wheat bread to start your day this morning, coffee, bagels, muffins (cake without icing), cereal, pasteurized fruit juice, granola, non organic anything or some other non food like thing shoved through a take out drive thru window...….you've already been tricked into believing that eating poison doesn't matter, when it's the only thing that matters regarding you being free or you being a mind controlled super slave for the rest of your life. Find out more about how your social engineers are working around the clock to poison you and your family into a perpetual state of mental and physical dysfunction. (with the attached video)
Saying this, the human body is designed to find pleasure and comfort in keeping the same habits, day in and day out. What that means is that the human nervous system cherishes and embraces ground hog day. Change scares the human mind, even if the change is positive. If you want to know how to rewire the brain and modify its quitting poison is easier, please visit for many programs regarding reprogramming your behaviors for a better future.



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