Houston - We Have A Problem

Dec 08, 2022


There's something spiritual happening. I think most people can agree on that, regarding the growing evil inside many humans today. I was hesitant to even write this article because frankly most people have been conditioned away from the spirit world, especially conditioned away from the idea that evil is an electrical force on this planet that can infect weaker humans.

Frankly I'm shocked at the weakness of many humans in my general vicinity, in regards to them adopting pure evil practices into their daily rituals, customs and habits. I know the exact weakness that opens our human electrical systems up for possession by this evil force. This weakness is based on ill health through pollution. Our immune systems are our entire bodies and our primary immunity is maintaining a higher vibration, as this higher vibration is what allows our God or moral source spirit to take physical form inside our flesh based vessels. With this higher vibration through health and adopting healthy living principles (in line with what God provides on this planet) we maintain the ability to sustain our spirit in our own bodies and repel other spirits....who can only enter our body systems if our vibration drops below a certain frequency due to ill health. It was Nikola Tesla who said, "if you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

I'll try to keep this short and to the point. Your health matters because your frequency matters. Your frequency and your spiritual immune system, which keeps your moral God spirit inside of you (and evil spirits outside of you) is based on the pitch of your frequency. The war we are in started many decades ago as a war on health because by polluting the entire world and by polluting the environment in which we all live, certain people who know these secrets (ancient Egyptians who studied death for thousands of years) are aware that we can indeed be possessed by spirits equal to our lower vibration if we're unhealthy.

Low vibrations from an unhealthy body leave us open for what they call demons. Demon is a word that means "a single form of darkness in physical form or a dark spirit occupying a body". The secrets here are quite simple and parading openly in plain sight, just outside the grasp of basic human understanding. Everything from your mercury teeth fillings (which are extremely poisonous) to coffee (which is also extremely poisonous) and from vaccines (all of them being pure poison not just the COVID shot) to the fluoride in your toothpaste have all been purposely organized as immune system rupturing super toxins in order to lower your vibration in an ancient mass satanic/evil/darkness possession ritual. Yes, I know how different that sounds than what you believe is your reality but just start looking around. Everything is poison and plenty of people are acting, thinking and talking like demons. If my explanation doesn't work for you, maybe you can forward me another one regarding why everything is poison and why people are openly killing themselves, killing each other for a pay cheque and killing their own children. Why? Just let me know.

For this theory to be true, we would need to see evil taking over people's bodies. Well.........here's some examples. First, please watch the documentary below. I have hand picked this exact documentary as maybe the best documentary possible for you, so you can firmly understand the pure evil that's now parading in the highest bastions of government. If you just watch one documentary in your life from the truth movement, this should be it. Click here for the same documentary, with a better video quality.

Now if that documentary above didn't bring you up to speed on our planet's demon possession problem and the frequency changing rituals, which allow darkness to visit here on the planet in human form....I have some other choice examples below..

Click here to visit a website that is now processing human meat for human consumption. I just ran across this, but it looks legitimate. The website is getting lots of traffic right now, so it loads slowly. This website is hitting all the evil high notes with all the fabricated evil excuses as to why it's really beneficial to eat each other.........regarding the fake climate change agenda, the fake over population agenda and the fake everything else agenda........as listed reasons why people should cozy up to the idea of eating human flesh.

We have these same evil forces decreasing food supplies around the world and demonizing meat products, so potentially we can get so hungry that we would literally consume the meat of each other as the only way to sustain ourselves. Various ancient texts as well indicate that the soul of the person can't leave this realm unless it's moral, ethical and if the person did right in their life. It's also said that the spirit can't leave unless the body is fully decayed. It appears through these ancient understandings that if someone eats you, your spirit goes to live within them, so your soul never leaves back to source or God. You can only get back to God or source if you were moral and ethical during your life to begin with, which most people are not. I talk openly about this soul recycling system in my latest article, which you can read by clicking here.

Here's another lady highlighting all the mind control media, who are opening pushing the idea of us eating each other. If we're hungry enough, many people will do it. This is the same group that organized Stalin starving the Russian people, Mao starving the Chinese people, various famines in India/Africa and the Irish Potato Famine....same evil force. I mean let's be honest here, if this evil force can convince lots of people that killing your own unborn children is the most important right to have and if this evil force can convince two billion people to inject poison into themselves (so they can become more evil via the low vibration poison sets into the body) convincing people to eat each other is definitely a firm possibility.

Of course, we have the media (me-die-a) doing its part to mind control young minds into the normalization of eating other humans. Here Katy Perry's video called "Bonne Appetit", displays openly the idea of eating each other. This came out 5 years ago and has 1.2 BILLION views. Yes, we're in that much trouble here because it appears some ancient secret societies, who know how to conjure demons into our world, have got the drop on us. The most advanced knowledge is from our ancient past and we've been living out black magic lifestyles, organized by ancient black magicians, without our knowledge. Click here for yet another article on how ancient black magic death rituals are walking above ground in our society today.

If you're not getting it by now, like a bad infomercial........wait, there's more. Click here to listen to high level whistleblower banker Ronald Bernard talk about what the elite are really doing to children. Also click here for an explosive documentary about government organized pedophilia, child ritual murder and cannibalism in the high bastions of government power. In these videos (and many more), you always hear the same couple of names over and over again.......Clinton and Bush, Clinton and Bush. Please don't forget that all the US Presidents (save only a choice few) have been related to the ancient UK Royals, who are in fact ancient Egyptians..........who in turn were masters of death cult rituals.

And that's just a taste to get you introduced to this topic. You should understand a couple things. If you're polluted, you're in big trouble spirit wise. The vaccines this cult are  pushing are the most polluting modality they have ever discovered. This is why health is the most important mission you could ever take on in your life and this is also the reason why the system is going to war with anyone who wants to be healthy. The evil people ruling you actually only work in the spiritual realm and cloak their black magic pollution based applications as "science". Look at everything "science' that the system is pushing on you and your family. IT'S ALL POISON. It's all about ancient forms of toxic black magic, in order to push out your original moral God spirit and allow dark entities into your vessel. Due to this clever slight of hand, the world is now a demon's playground. Stay healthy and maintain your spiritual immune system or the earth will indeed fall....and most likely end up a barren waste land, void of all life, not just void of all human life. This is a battle between all life and a dark force that hates all life. Maintain your life force. Stay healthy and stand your ground. Spread the word.




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